Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finding the time...

I don't like the feeling when I go too long without a good sweaty workout session! My workouts tend to go like this:

  • Monday - Gym after work, usually 40min of cardio, and 10-15 min strength training
  • Tuesday - Dance class, 1.5 hours...sometimes really sweaty, sometimes not...depends on what we are doing that day
  • Wednesday - I usually stay at my fiance's apt, and go to his wed night soccer games. In the summer I like to wake up early Thursday for a run before work but def. not in the dark and COLD! So lately this means no workout for me unless its some ab work and arm work with my weights I keep there.
  • Thursday - Gym again if I don't have anything after work
  • Friday - usually nothing...I like to relax after my work week
  • Weekends...are hard. I can go to a dance class from 11-1 on Saturdays, but there are very few Saturday's that this time frame is open to me. Sometimes I'll do a gym trip first thing in the morning (have been doing that more lately). Most of the time I have full weekend plans which make it difficult to do anything.
Then there are weeks like this one. I had a great workout Monday, no dance Tuesday (Bruins game = no parking, I had no ride, and had enough work so I stayed late), last night was a Brian's soccer game night and I did some ab work at his apt but that's more bonus stuff than actual exercise to me, tonight I have a bday dinner gathering, so that leaves tomorrow.

I really would prefer to have 4 great workouts but I just feel it's so hard!!! A 40min gym trip involves: getting ready, 10min car ride, workout, drive back, then shower and get ready for the its like you really need to leave about 2 hours for this. I feel like I am just complaining...SORRY!!!!

Better things...yesterday's eats!

This breakfast is a Favorite! Underneath that pile of deliciousness is 0% Chobani plain yogurt. Then I top with sliced bananas, strawberries, and a Nature's Path Flax waffle. This is all drizzled with REAL maple syrup!!

I ususally buy Kashi waffles, or the WF's 365 brand...but I had a coupon for the Nature's path waffles so I gave them a shot. I'd say they are pretty good, but not my favorite. I much prefer the Kashi heart to heart waffles...they just taste yummier, more waffle-like! Still you can't lose with this breakfast combo!

Lunch was created from a leftover tray of wraps from a meeting some people had here at the office. There was 1 half of a turkey wrap left...I took out the insides and placed them on a half slice of Great Harvest 9-grain bread...I still am obsessed with how good this bread is!
The wrap filling was: sliced turkey, a slice of bacon, lettuce, tomato, half slice of cheese (I think provolone), and some spread...I think it was like a dressing of sorts...yummy. I also grabbed two pickles and a tiny serving of pasta salad...and I may have ripped off a little corner of the GH bread and topped with Pb for a little extra snacky :)Since this was sort of a "free" lunch, I brought my packed lunch to Brian's since I figured he hadn't hit the grocery store in a while...I was right! Hahha.

I used half of a pita, some of my grilled chicken, some of mom's homemade BBQ sauce, red onion, and a little shredded cheddar jack...toasted!
Eaten with a little side salad...eaten out of a mixing bowl haha!

After his soccer game we hit up Panera so he could eat and I could use the free wi-fi to work on the guest list for the wedding...the is a great tool for all your wedding planning needs! We are making a big list then it will be time to weed through it..oh the joys. Our venue has a max capacity of 175, but I am hoping to be closer to 150-160 to save more money.

This morning I broke my usual coffee tradition and hit up Dunks!! I have a gift card so I figured I'd save the $3 that I would of used at Starbucks.

I got a DD Latte...they are pretty good in a pinch because I really don't like Dunkin Donut's hot coffee.

As I said before I am going out to dinner for a friends bday at my FAVORITE Mexican place in Harvard Square....Fajitas here I come!!!


  1. No worries, Bridget!! Hang tight with the busyness, and I hope that you'll be back to your workout routine in no time.

    Hell yes for REAL maple syrup - the fake stuff is soooo not worth it.

    Have fun tonight!!

  2. your big bowl of breakfast yumminess looks amazing; so simple, yet so tasty :)

    have fun eating mexican!! i loooove mexican food, i am completely envious.

  3. Kashi heart to heart waffles just can't be beat!

    WOOHOO for the Mexican fiesta foods tonight :)

  4. Great waffles! I love DD coffee! Have a great night out!!

  5. I know the loving feeling of sweatiness :D! You squeeze in a lot though with work and your busy schedule! Your wedding planning sounds so exciting, good luck! Have fun tonight, Mexi food is the BEST!

  6. Bridget, if you haven't read the article Lindsay at Love of Oats posted today, get your booty over there! It applies to the first part of your post. :)
    I used the knot like crazy too! Obsessively even! :)
    I hope you have a blast tonight girl!

  7. It is tough to get in workouts. Maybe you could pick up a few workout dvds to do at home? Or if you have comcast you could do on demand workouts? Have fun ;)

  8. I get frustrated when I feel like I don't get to work out enough too, but I try to remind myself WHY I'm not working out. If it's because I'm doing things I love or spending time with people I love, that's ok, because those things are just as important for your health!

  9. Have fun at Mexican!

    Planning a wedding sounds fun!

    You are a busy girl and seem like you do a great job getting to the gym. Love the waffle tower.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I just realized that you weren't on my blogroll! So sorry! You're there now! :)

    Delicious breakfast!