Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blah Weather!

I love snow in December because I am getting all hyped up for Christmas and it's so pretty. However, usually around mid-January (not even there yet) I am SO ready for spring. I'd have to say Jan, Feb, March are the worst months in my opinion. There are still fun events that go on but its usually uneventful and cold. It's a lovely mix of sleet/freezing rain right now, after it snowed during the night. However, as much as I complain about the winter I can not imagine living anywhere other than New England...I love the seasons and I love how there is so much within such a small area...beaches, lakes, mountains, skiing, history, great shopping :) and great food!

Speaking of food... yesterday's oatmeal was delicious! Although I miss being able to make my stove top oats. Someone brought these in to work, and the crumbs at the bottom of the bag were PERFECT oat toppersThese clusters could be dangerously addicting!
The usual mix:
  • 1/3 c. oats, 1/3 c. water, 1/3 c. skim milk, salt
  • 1 small banana
  • 1 tsp pumpkin butter
Topped with:
  • nut cluster crumbs/pieces
  • low fat granola
  • about 1/5 of a coconut cream Larabar, crumbled
  • spoon of White Choc. PB
  • approx. 3 butterscotch chips, 2 choc. chips, and 2 PB chips from trail mix :)
A perfect sandwich on Great Harvest Dakota bread!!
  • Tuna salad made with a little lite mayo, Dijon mustard, celery salt, and black pepper
  • tomato
  • greens
  • alfalfa sprouts
  • cucumber
  • red onion
  • mmmmmmmmmmm
with a side of cut up carrot.I was so excited to get back to dance class last night, but I found out there was a Bruin's game at the Garden, so that meant I would need a ride and the roomie wasn't going to be home in time. I guess it worked out though because I had a lot of work so I just worked late.

Working late really screws up my whole day. I didn't get home til a little after 8. Had dinner then it seemed like I was getting ready for bed!! Luckily roomie had just cooked up some frozen Lobster ravioli...I had a few...they were actually quite good!!
I also had some deli meat picked out of leftover wraps that were in the office, and a small salad of greens for my veggie!
I ended the night grilling up some chicken breasts I defrosted to have for lunches this week...Also, these pictures are the only pictures on my camera right now...and I don't know why!!!! I had SO many on there and now they are gone!? Most are on my comp, thankfully, but still WTF?!!! I didn't go erase-happy recently so I don't think I erased them all by accident...weird.


  1. HOLLLLYYY yum! Those look amazing! Everything you had was delicious!

  2. Maybe you accidentally formated your card? Or its in a different folder on the card? To bad I'm not ther ein person I could help you track the pictures down.

  3. I hear ya on the snow - it can go buh-bye now!

    Could you be looking at the pics that are saved to your camera as opposed to your memory card? Sometimes I forget my card isn't in my camera and I can still take and save pics.

  4. Ahh, I know - the weather is KILLER!! Hate it.

    Loooove the oats though!! :-)

    Hang in there with the photo issues!!

  5. ha maybe you sleep-erased your photos?? I hope you get to dance soon! My trouble with taking class is how late they start (and end) I lose motivation! I totally love NE's seasonal changes- it's so funny how everyone can complain about where they live, but it's HOME so you'd still never leave!

  6. oh you are so good about using ur frozen foods! i am really bad at that.

  7. I totally agree wtih you on the winter weather! In December - it's fun because you are so excited for the holidays - Jan. and Feb. it's just a TOTAL drag

  8. Lobster ravioli sounds awesome! I do love New England! Especially Boston in the summer. I just couldn't deal with the Jan-March timeframe brrrrrrrrr. But I do miss it ;)

  9. Love those Nut Clusters...they are seriously addicting! I like the "Peanut Crunchies" they make, also :)

    Great meals today & sorry about the camera/picture situation...I hope they are still on your computer! Hopefully you will find them. Have a good night !

  10. The oatmeal looks great! I have no advice on the missing pictures.

    I think Jan. is the worst.

  11. Great eats! Lobster ravioli sounds delicious! Where did your roomie get it?