Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Can't Wait For...

My Barney Butter to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!
A BIG Thank You to Heather!! She managed to get the lovely people at Barney Butter to make a new free shipping code! Not only that, I learned that the infamous Almond butter will soon be available in Massachusetts! It will be sold at the new Fresh Market that is opening in 2010...hence I ordered some, there's no way I could wait a YEAR!

In other news... Angela at Oh She Glows is doing an Honest Foods give away! This is another product I've been wanting to try but just haven't gotten around to it. I'll be anxiously awaiting the winners!

Finally, I would like to thank all of your for your supportive comments relating to my thoughts/questions about my parents! I agree, that the best thing is to just be supportive...I can't make her change her eating/exercise habits...I can only try to be supportive and inspiring. She's definitely gotten better, and I have introduced her to many new products...Larabars, other bars, new cereals, lunch and dinner, ideas, oatmeal!! So I know I have been influential.

It's also funny because my dad was VERY health conscious!! He used to be compete in professional power lifting competitions, was a personal trainer for a while, and was always into nutrition...although also was a self proclaimed ice cream connoisseur:) When I look back, he was so far ahead of the latest nutrition trends...he knew all about the low carb stuff WAY before I ever heard about it from anywhere else, the same goes for trans fats he taught me about how bad hydrogenated oils were a looong time ago (he was a big Dr. Weil fan). When I think about this now, it's so interesting that he was so ahead of the general public...and I'm sure my mom and I didn't take it too seriously at first, but I always trusted his opinions on most everything :) I guess I know where I get it from :)

Anyways...onto the eats:

Breakfast Switch Up

Yesterday my boss asked me to go to this breakfast meeting for this morning...sweet! So instead of saving half of my banana for today's planned oats, I ate the whole thing yesterday. Well, he messed up...breakfast thing is tomorrow. So I go to buy a banana after work...nothing ripe enough. So I thought about it...and just bought bfast at Dunkin Donuts (I have a gift card).

Medium skim milk Latte, and a DD egg white flatbread!Egg white, turkey sausage, spinach, low fat cheese (forget what kind)
I like their latte's because their coffee beans aren't as strong as, say, Starbucks so it's more mildThis was delicious, however, I usually eat breakfast about an hour or so after arriving at work...but this was hot out of the "oven" so I ate it right away...not very hungry at the time. I have a feeling my eating is going to be thrown off...oh well!

Yesterday's Lunch

Morningstar Farm Spice Black Bean veggie burger, with lite sour cream, salsa, on a mini pitaServed with carrots, dipped into some lite veggie cream cheese found in the fridge from last weeks bagels.
Sargento Colby Jack snack!I'm excited for tea today...I bought a couple new ones last nightOne being...Almond Biscotti Tea!

I also got a blend of two teas suggested by the people at Teavana: Rooibos Chai and Sweet Oolong Revolution. I had a cup of this blend last night and it was delicious! Subtly sweet without adding anything to it. I love going into that store and having them help me choose a fun new tea blend :)


  1. Heather is definitely awesome for the Barney Butter stuff!!

    So wonderful that you and your dad were alike with being health-conscious :-) Your mom will come around, no worries!! Your dad will help to guide her in spirit.

    Happy Thursday!!

  2. Everyone's right - your mom will come around! :)

    All that DD stuff looks amazing - i have GOT to try the new flatbread healthy sanwiches!

  3. wow weird coincidences! I had a DD flatbread sammy last weekend and i loved it too.. but also, i went into teavana last night, and couldn't decide what i wanted to mix the rooibos chai with! now i know! thanks for that :)

  4. YAY for Barney Butter!!! Let me know what you think! :)

  5. I'm actually hitting up my local Fresh Market this weekend to see if they're selling Barney Butter yet *crosses fingers*

    That's really cool about your Dad. Its funny how we don't really pay attention to those things until they hit mainstream America.

  6. YAY for Barney Butter!! Hop you enjoy it :)

    Good to know the DD sandwiches are okay!

  7. I hope you enjoy your Barney Butter!

  8. I ordered Barney Butter last week and can't wait for it either!! I just checked shipping tracking and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow. Yay! Love BB!! :)

  9. I've had that egg white flatbread. Although it's not as big as the other flatbreads, I'm so glad they offer healthy options. Have a great day!

  10. Yayy for the BB!

    Its hard to raise parents- you sound like you are doing a wonderful job ;)

    Great eats. There are only a few random DD's down here! I use to love Boston- where there were like 2 dunkin donuts on the same street ;)

  11. The DD flatbread was surprisingly good! I grabbed one to eat in the car on my way to Georgia a few months ago and really liked it.

    I hope you like the Barney Butter!

  12. I'm a Teavana fan too, I can't get enough. Enjoy your Barney Butter!

    My parents are a lot less health-conscious than they used to be. My dad goes through these year it's protein, the next it's triathlons, then complex carbs & weight lifting...they're both relatively healthy and enjoying life, so I'm not too concerned. I'm sure everything will work out for your folks :)

  13. Thank you for your suggestions on my blog! I appreciate it :)
    That is really cool that your dad used to compete in lifting competitions! Crazy!

  14. Oh, I was so excited when Heather told us about the Barney Butter too!

    I want to try the DD flatbread, but there aren't any DD's close. I guess I'll just wait! :)

  15. Oh yes, gotta love tea! Tea! Tea!
    And that is super exciting about Almond butter!