Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Laptop, Why do you hate me so?

Well I was looking forward to a nice post last night, as I was too busy at work to get any blogging in! However when I tried turning my lap top on I saw something worse than the BSOD (blue screen of death), a black screen basically saying there was no hard drive to be found...FABULOUS!
My laptop has been acting up quite a bit lately, so I should of seen it coming. One day it just started making a grinding noise right after it started up. Brian thought it was a fan issue...well yeah guess not. This isn't the first issue like this I've had...I actually reformatted the whole thing a little over a year ago, started over, and since then it's been fine but I guess that only lasts so long?

So who knows when I'll fix this problem, I certainly can't be spending money on a new computer...there are other things more a house, on the horizon this year so it will have to wait.

Moving on:

Sunday I had an AMAZING brunch with mom at Sel De La Terre, which is in our mall. However, my first stop was to pick up THE BEST cappuccino at the most unlikely place.

I LOVE cappuccinos...I love the foam and how the hot milk gets slightly sweet naturally and my favorite option is to add a tiny bit of almond syrup (I order 1/2 a pump of syrup). Sadly, Starbucks discontinued Almond...I almost cried, and also bought a whole bottle of the syrup before it was gone. So now my favorite cappuccino is located at:
Yep! Nordstrom's Cafe! I don't know why they are so good at foaming milk, but it's like there's a big dollop of fresh meringue on top of my cappuccino! Combined with the hint of almond syrup is heaven in a cardboard cup!

Then we walked over to the restaurant where I had one thing on my mind...french pastries!
I never order these things, but I know they have delicious ones so I had to...a warm pan au chocolate...chocolate croissant! It was warm, flaky, buttery, melty, chocolatey!! I can't even get over how good it was...such an indulgence.

My croissant and Nordstrom Cappuccino!
Last Bite!!! So sad...For my main meal, mom and ordered the exact opposite of what we got last time we had brunch here.

I went for the eggs Benny this time, with a side petit salad.
Mom had their incredible forest mushroom quiche...I'm not a huge mushroom fan (texture issue), but this is Out Of This World amazing!We both ate practically all our meal and we're pleasantly full but not over stuffed...this also kept me full all day! I almost didn't need dinner!

Mom Update: Thought I should mention she lost 10lbs!! Yay mom! I know it's the wedding that is motivating her, but that's good enough for me and hopefully she will keep it up afterwards too! We even tried a few dresses on at Lord and Taylor (I am really not a fan of classic Mother Of the Bride dresses...yuck). So we're trying to find something more elegant and classy :)

Well, only a few more items before I end this post...I have lots more to say but I'll spread it out into another post later!

Cute Product Alert!!
Very Mini!!They are bigger than chocolate chips but smaller than Hershey kisses! Adorable. Bonus points for tasting like the dehyrdated marshmallows that come in hot cocoa packets!

I added them to a little treat bag I brought to work yesterday along with some equally cute animal crackers and trail mix.Cute Little Purchase

I bought myself and roomie a set of cute mini condiment spoons at Crate and Barrel (top of picture).
The spoons are posing with the delicious roasted veggie/sausage/pasta bake she made Sunday...I packed that bowl with it for lunch yesterday...Major Yumminess!

That's enough for now :) Happy Tuesday!!


  1. So sorry about the laptop...sigh! I hope it is an easy fix. Nordstroms is the best! I love mini products! I bet those are so gooood! Have a great day.

  2. Bummer about the laptop :( I always break laptops so I feel your pain!!

    That Nordstroms breakfast looks AMAZING! Congrats to your mom!!

  3. Sorry about the computer troubles! Your Nordstrom eats look delicious! My mom went to the Natick collection yesterday and I thought of you cause I know you love it there. :D

  4. Everything about your brunch looks wonderful!

    I've been to a TJ's once and bought those meringues... so great! I've been meaning to toss them with my trail mix.. yum :)

  5. Computers can be such a pain! Your comment about traditional MOB dresses made me laugh- I swear my mom had a harder time finding a pretty dress for my wedding as well as both my sisters' than we had finding our wedding dresses! Good luck :)

  6. OMG laptop woes were pretty much my demise in college- i had so many tantrums over lost files and papers :( GOOD LUCK! Love all your cute finds, and Nordstrom's totally makes a meaaan latte they always do foam i love it!!

  7. Laptops suck! I am oh so familiar with the black screen of death. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

  8. Yay for Nordstroms! I've yet to try their cafe. Great trail mix! Have a great night!

  9. love the idea of those very mini's in a trail mix! laptops can stink... so can tv's :-/ i need to try that place!

  10. mmm i love them too (the drink and the pastry!). it's been forever since i've had either andi need to change that

  11. hi from another Mass-er : ) I've ben wanting to go to Sel De La Terre, so now i have more reason to!