Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tueday Eats, Product Reviews, and Cuteness

Not too much exciting things today, so I had to include a fun ending ;)

Breakfast: Similar to yesterday, a TJ's Cin. Raisin British Muffin with real butter, a clementine, and a blueberry Greek Yogurt (which almost committed suicide when it fell off the counter, luckily I only lost about a spoonful)
Then there was a new office temptation today in the Kitchen, someones mom made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!!I may have broken that little piece off the one in the bottom left, but had a whole one after my lunch...mmm, nothing like a soft cookie!

Lunch wasn't photo'd. but I had about a half serving of Tomato and Roast Red pepper soup with some frozen peas and Soycuttash. Along with the soup I had 3 of these:These were really good, but I think I like the Spinach Artichoke ones better...just make sure you heat them enough to get the cheese all melty. I dipped them in a little fat free ranch I found in the Kitchen.

Small ReviewsI only had small pieces of each of these. The apricot fruit leather was pretty good, but I wish it was a bit more chewy. However, these are GREAT when I am craving something like gummy bears or sour patch kids. I brought one of these into the movies with me once...definitely did the trick. Plus they have no sugar. I will continue the review when I eat the rest. This was a Trader Joe's brand.

I will say nothing beats Stretch Island Fruit Co.'s fruit leather...more tangy, fruity, chewy...YUM!

The flavor and fiber...well my first bite was NOT that good. So far I am not a fan, but as I did only have a little piece I will give it another try.

Had Dance class tonight...and it was SO nice not to have to stay late for rehearsal!

When I got home I made a little egg sandwich using 1/2 of an Arnold Sandwich Thin, 1 egg, 1/2 slice American cheese, and 1 slice Canadian bacon!Hit the spot!

By the way, I do snack through out the day. In addition to the food shown today I had a light string cheese, a pear, 2 clementines, 1/2 slice of WW bread and PB (on the way to dance), an apple right after dance.

Now for the Cuteness! I call this "Christmas Puppy Montage!" I tied a red bow around Willow's neck and just wanted one good picture, but I swear she knows when I am trying to take a picture and just won't sit still :) So I have a series.


  1. Delish cookies and BEYOND FREAKING CUTE Willow!! :-D

  2. I wasn't a fan of the Gnu PB bar either :(


  3. I love the doggie photo shoot.

  4. soooooooooooooooooooo cute! I have so many moving pictures of Frank its ridiculous! haha I love that you broke off that piece of cookie! I do that all the time ;)

  5. omg is that a shih tzu? I have a shih tzu named lilly...oooh willow is so cute!

  6. I always have trouble posting all of my snacks. ADORABLE DOGGIE!

  7. Thanks for the bar reviews! You have the cutest doggie every!

  8. your dog is so cute! and I have been eyeing up those veggie bites, but havent bought them yet. thanks for the tip - i am going to buy them next time!

  9. love the christmas puppy montage - way too adorable!

    what a yummy egg sandwich!

  10. Adorable pup pics!

    Yeah, those gnu bars are no good..