Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mom's Bday!

Well her birthday was yesterday, but I'm posting about it today...the fiance really needs to get Internet! Ok ok, I guess I wouldn't either if I were him, he lives alone and has Internet at work.

Happy Birthday Mom!! (not that she reads this...I've kind of told her about it but never have showed her. I'm just not ready for family and friends to read it)

She took her bday off (the 10th) and the rest of the week...LUCKY! Although this gave her the chance to drive up to my work yesterday and I took her out to lunch!

Before lunch though, comes breakfast. Ever since I made my new batch of granola on Sunday, I couldn't wait to eat it atop a delicious bowl of oats.This was a simple mix of:

* 1/3 c. oats, 1/3 c. water, 1/3 c. skim milk
* salt and vanilla
* 1/2 of a banana (wished it was slightly riper)

Topped with:

* 1 heaping tsp of Pumpkin butter
* 1 spoon of White Choc. PB

I haven't really been branching out much with my oats, but I just love this combo lately...I'm sure I'll get sick of some part of it soon and switch it up! But for now...
For Mom's Bday lunch I took her for a lovely meal at The Andover Inn. This Inn/Restaurant is on the campus of Phillip Andover Academy and is probably the nicest place close to my office. I don't think they get a big lunch crowd but it was nice relaxing and quiet. This places is very old fashion, swanky, classy...and was beautifully decorated for Christmas!

Mom started with hot tea and I with iced teaHer hot tea is in the background, the cute stainless tea pot and pretty blue and white mug. My iced tea was Inkos brand unsweetened Honeysuckle White tea. It was very mild but really good!

It was rainy and chilly out so we both started with soup...Lobster Bisque to be exact
Mmmmm! I wish it was a tad thicker and more "lobster-y" but still delicious...I mean how can you go wrong! I ate about 2/3's of the bowl...didn't want to be too full.

For my main course I had a grilled vegetable and Boursin baguettine (basically fancy name for a sandwich on a baguette), and mom had the pulled pork baguettine.Both of our sandwiches were served with a little side of pesto cous cous (Israeli cous cous) was awesome!!

My sandwich had delicious grilled summer squash, zucchini, tomato, and baby arugula with Boursin cheese spread on one side of the roll.
I forgot how good Boursin was!!! Man I need to buy some. It's SO flavorful and Delicious!!

My mom's pulled pork was REALLY good too! I ate half of my sandwich, mostly with a knife and fork, leaving the bottom part of the bread.

I was pretty full, but really wanted to order dessert because I called ahead to tell them it was a birthday lunch so I wanted a little candle in our dessert.

We finally decided on the selection of petit fours...complete with a candle!Because our waiter couldn't stick a candle in one of those little masterpieces, he melted the wax on the bottom and just stuck it to the plate! Genius!

These were great little bites to try. They weren't your traditional petit fours but still very tasty, and all different flavors. My favorites were the bottom one (sort of a caramely-nut flavor), and the 3rd up from the bottom, which had an amazing raspberry filing layer under the white cake and cream.

Dinner was my leftover half of sandwich, then Brian and I went to the mall quickly before his Soccer game. Got 1 present (better than nothing). Planning to do some more Christmas shopping today at lunch.

Tonight though....
Boston Ballet's Nutcracker!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!! I go every year, usually with the roomie, and every time I just can not wait!! I LOVE IT! Even though I've seen it countless times, I never get tired of it. It's such a beautiful, magical, whimsical, Christmasy show and really puts me in a great Holiday mood :)

Can't Wait!!!


  1. Owww have fun at the Nutcracker!

    Happy Birthday to your mama! We use to go to the Andover Inn once or twice a year for dinner! It is soooo good but expensive! I have never been there for lunch! Looks fabulous!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Mom!! So lovely :-)

    I LOVE THE NUTCRACKER!!! Enjoy the performance (but, then again, how could you NOT?! Haha)


    That lunch looks DIVINE! Seriously!

    Have fun tonight at the performance :)

  4. What a sweet b-day lunch for your mom!

    I looove the Nutcracker and it's one of my favorite Christmas traditions, too. Enjoy the show tonight!

  5. I am SO jealous!!!! I love The Nutcracker!! I haven't been in a couple of years, and I miss it.

    Those petit fours looks AMAZING. :-)

  6. Woo woo the Nutcracker! It's the best! Happy to Mommy! (My family doesn't say "birthday" just happy
    P.S. I adore your veg sando!

  7. yummy yum you had a yummy day...your pics are mouthwatering! how was the nutcracker?

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to your Mommy!

  9. What a nice birthday lunch with your Mom! Happy Birthday to her :) Lunch looks very nice & fresh--seems like a great restaurant. And the petit fours are so cute...great choice!

    Enjoy the Nutcracker! Great holiday performance.

  10. I love the Nutcracker! Did you ever perform in it?

    Oh and when I wish my bananas were a bit more ripe, I peel them and pop 'em in the micro for like 45 secs - it makes them softer and more "ripe."

  11. Happy Birthday to your mom!!

    Hope you love the Nutcracker!!

  12. That lunch looks amazing! Is this place worth driving to? It looks like it might be :)

    I've never heard of that cheese. I have to seek it out - I'm intrigues now :D