Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

SNOW!!!!! And lot's of it! We got about 10" here in the Boston area yesterday. Luckily so many people were freaked out by it (lots of schools and businesses closed), that the roads actually weren't that bad when I left work yesterday. I left around 4pm, so only about 1 hour earlier than normal (but last one to leave at my company), and not too many cars were on the road so there was no traffic!! Wooohooo! Last year when we had a rapidly accumulating snow took me over 3 hours to get home (normally 30min)...that was awful.

What better thing to make it really feel like Christmas time than snow??...I know, PRESENTS!! My roomie and I exchanged gifts on Thursday night because her friend from work had come over to exchange gifts and little did roomie know that her work friend and I went in on these awesome shoes she's been wanting. These are them, but in a more purple/pink color combo...and of course not on sale when we bought them.

We also sipped wine during presentsI'm usually not a huge red wine fan (trying to get better though), but I LOVED this one! It was super cheap at Trader Joe's too

I also got her a pair of dark purple leather cashmere lined gloves.

Now my turn!! She got me so many fun things!!

#1: Fun pink sparkly cupcake ornament! Which I immediately placed on the tree#2 - (the box was from Anthropologie so I got excited)

B Mug! Similar to Amy's!
#3: Incredible set of sticky notes!!
Ahhh they are so cute!!

#4: Gift card to Penzey's Spices! they have a shop a couple towns from here...whoohoo!They have like every spice, but also some really fun spice blends...can't wait to try some new ones :)

Last, but not least, #5: Cookbook stand!I have wanted one of these for a long time, and was going to register for one! It's an adjustable stand with a glass protector for the top of the pages so they don't get dirty (I get messy when I cook and bake!)

Perfect Presents Jocy!! (thats my roomie)

Last night we stayed snowed in, so we took the opportunity to get some presents wrapped! And maybe had some more wine...
I also made banana bread to give to Brian's mom...she's on Weight Watchers and doing great so I was going to portion out pieces for her that are 2 points worth!

Dry ingredientswalnutsI was looking at a few different recipes online, then adding my own tweaks...but I guess I got a little distracted because after it went in the oven I realized I forgot vanilla (no big deal) and OIL!! Woops! I mean I was going for low calorie, but I usually add at least a little!

However, I tried it this morning and it was great!Yankee Swap Update:

Due to the snow, and a big storm coming again tomorrow, Brian's mom decided to post pone the Yankee Swap til after Christmas some time.

Thanks for the gift ideas!! I'm almost positive I will go the Starbucks route. I also get another chance at making this banana bread even better...I guess we will just have to eat this one ourselves...shucks! ;)

Calories Burned Shoveling

Double exercise for me this morning. I schlepped out to the gym for some running :) Then later when I was back, we shoveled the driveway!

I also...

Enjoyed coffee in my new mug
Had the most AMAZING grapefruit EVER!
Broke into the cheese and baguette my roommate bought for a wine and cheese party that she never went to last night

My mom and I first tried this cheese at WF's...its so rich, creamy, and amazing

So I decided to make a little breakfast sandwich with baguette, cheese, 1 egg, and 1 slice of Canadian bacon

So far no plans...but I can't sit still much longer :)


  1. the snow was awesome :) love it!

    you got some awesome goods, too--penzeys!!! have you been? that place is fantastic :) And very kewl cookbook stand!

  2. All that snow sounds totally crazy! What fun gifts you got for your roomie and what great (and food/blog friendly) gifts she got for you! I can't wait to see what type of spices you get! Have a lovely day!

  3. SOOOO much snow, indeed!!

    AMAZING GIFT CHOICES!!! Love 'em - especially the cute cupcake ornament :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, and be careful in the snow!!

  4. We got the same amount as you! Glad to hear your roads weren't too bad!!

    What sweet gifts from the roomie!

  5. wow, that is a lot of snow! what fun w/ the gifts! interesting ones to boot! :D

  6. love banana bread, love love love it!

    and your pink sparkly cupcake ornament is the cutest! i love sprakly things :D

  7. LOVE the B mug! Thanks for the shout out :) Enjoy sipping tea and coffee from your fancy new cup !!

  8. Your roomie did such a great job on all of your presents! Love the cupcake ornament. Enjoy the snow ... again today!

  9. YAYA im glad u like my starbucks suggestion :D OMG I FREAKED when i saw that ornament- i bought the EXACT one for my mom when I visited Boston!! I couldnt decide what to bring her, and I didn't want to get her a tacky "I love Boston" present- so i bought her an ornament since it was in November, I found it at a cute little boutique kind of near fannuel hall?? Love it- i told her it was a Boston Cream pie ;) Have a great day!

  10. Layer Cake Shiraz is my favorite!! I'm jealous that they carry it at TJ's there. Our Trader Joes doesn't carry it, and so I have to pay close to $20 a bottle at the wine shop.

    Love the Penzey's gift!! Enjoy the snow day.

  11. i love the cupcake ornament!

  12. your cupcake ornament is soooo cute!

  13. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love that cute cupcake ornament. :-)

  14. you're roomie did a great job buying presents for you!

    And I am so opposite with wine, I can only drink