Monday, December 1, 2008


Lunch did not make the camera good opportunity. I did have, whats becoming a favorite cold weather lunch, soup from a carton. Today's was TJ's creamy tomato and roasted red pepper with added soycuttash! Along with a turkey and cheese sammy on Arnold's sandwich thins!

I had a great workout at the gym, I'm happy that running is becoming easier for me :) Now maybe by the spring I'll be all set for my first race.

I had ideas for dinner, but I needed food in my mouth within 30 seconds of walking in the door...the victim: a carrot and hummus

And I actually cooked dinner! I've had some frozen shrimp in the freezer for a while, and after my earlier post about PF Chang's I wanted some soy sauce in my life. I had recently bought a bag of broccoli and remembered about these in the freezer:I started the shrimp with some garlic, ginger, and soy sauceThen added the broccoli slaw while I tossed one of those veggie cakes in the microwave
The slaw cooked in like 2 min, and the veggie cake done in 1min 10sec...perfect timing.

The veggie cake didn't look too promising on its own but I put all the shrimp and veggies on top along with a few more shakes of soy sauce...for a delicious dinner!

There were a LOT of shrimp, I definitely got my protein for the day in this meal...along with a healthy portion for lunch tomorrow.

For a nice warm dessert I made some WF's organic hot cocoa, to which I added a splash of egg nog!! DELICIOUS combo! With 2 mini TJ's cranberry pistachio biscotti on the sideNow it's time for some Gossip Girl and catch up on an episode of 90210.


  1. Shrimp are so good. They're kind of why I could never go vegetarian!

  2. Dinner looks pretty! I am the same way when I walk in the door after a long day- I need food any food!

  3. Looove hummus.

    Cute cocoa mug!!

    Gossip Girl was incredible last night, as always :-)

  4. egg nog in hot cocoa? must try :)

  5. I have been searching for the broccoli slaw at the store! your dinner looks great!

  6. Soup and sammy is a cold weather staple! It's so good :)

  7. Love the hot cocoa/egg nog combo!

  8. Those little biscotti cookies are so cute! I wish I was near a Trader Joe's at school...lucky!

  9. Your dinner looks super fancy despite being easy to make! Shrimp is awesome!!

  10. Your dinner looks awesome! I love those veggie cakes! So easy and good!