Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowy Weekend Recap Part 1: Redbones

When I finally couldn't stand to be in the apt any longer on Saturday, I gave a dinner suggestion to Brian that I KNEW he couldn't refuse: Redbones! The boy never turns down BBQ! This is a very well known and very popular place in Davis Square (Somerville). Usually when we feel like going there, we turn the corner only to see a mass of people waiting outside...and then we find a new idea. I figured with the snow storm and it being pretty early (5pm), we'd be in the clear.

We sat down right away! Wooohoo!! (by the way my Civic is AWESOME in the snow!!).

I was actually in the mood for some beer, so instead of choosing 1, I got a 3 beer sampler:From left to right:
  • Berkshire Brewing Co. Raspberry Strong Ale: This was my least favorite of the three, and that surprised me because...well it was Raspberry! I think it was more the "strong" ale part; a strong ale is like a barley wine style brew and it has a much higher alcohol content. This one had almost a sour tone to it that was what made it not so great for me.
  • Wachusett Winter Ale: I am not sure how to describe this one but I did really like it! It was refreshing and didn't have any bitter after taste. I usually don't drink very dark beers, but this was the perfect amount to try.
  • Harvey's Christmas Ale - Cask Conditioned: This was served more at a cool room temperature, as opposed to ice cold, in order to be able to taste the beer better. I really liked this one!! The cask conditioning made it really smooth, and I loved the delicious but subtle Christmas spices.
No BBQ meal is complete without warm cornbread!
I ordered the "Meat and Three" which was choice of 1 meat item, I chose pulled chicken, and 3 sides! I chose steamed broccoli, mac and cheese, and collard greensI also had a little of their sweet BBQ sauce on the side. Everything was so tasty!! I loved the collard green. I have leftovers too...can't wait to eat them tonight.

We will definitely remember to return next snow storm ;)


  1. What a fun din din! I love mm ..mmmm ;) Beer samplers are great too- I love trying new brews. Have a nice Monday- do you have to work?

  2. Fabulous dinner outing!!

    Happy Monday, Bridget!!

  3. Beer + cornbread = great night!

  4. I need to find a place near me that has a beer sampler :)

  5. omg bbq in a snow storm sounds amazing! Good call on the meat and 3 :D

  6. Looks like a great way to spend a snow day :)

  7. omg i loooove cornbread; so jealous!

    and a bear sampler!? who knew you could even get that! not me!