Monday, December 8, 2008

Brrrrrrrr Monday!

Man it was FRIGGID today...the high was maybe 20 degrees? Thankfully the heat was nice and warm at work...I was actually hot at one point since I dressed so warmly. It's weird because 95% of the time I am so cold in the office.

For breakfast I tried one of my new Cinnamon Raisin British muffins from Trader Joe's. I really wanted to tasted the muffin itself, so I just put some real butter on one half and light cream cheese on the other. Also a Bartlett Pear sliced up. So in order to get some protein, I had a little TJ's Greek yogurt with my new granola!! I really like my granola, but the raisins got a little over baked, maybe I should of added them in closer to the end of the baking time.Lunch was...Leftovers!! Yippee! I had to put it all in two containers...maybe it was too much. Well not that much I just didn't want to stuff all the seafood on top of each otherSalmon, 1 scallop, 1 baked stuffed shrimp, haddock, and sole...delish!

The other container had lots of broccoli and some riceMan, I couldn't even finish the broccoli, there was A LOT!

For dessert I took one of the cookies my roommate made this weekend. They were from Food Network's 12 days of Christmas - Giada's Peppermint-Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. They use store bought dough for ease, but even so there sure were a lot of steps. Although my favorite was eating the dough from the package:)I only ate half though because it was pretty big...and two layeredMMmm sugar cookie chocolatey goodness

I was all ready to hit up the gym and have another go at this running thing...since, you know, I run now :) Well I walk into the locker room, take my shoes off, open my bag and get my workout pants...oh wait, NOPE, didn't have them!!! Who forgets PANTS!!! Since there was no getting around that one, I reluctantly headed home for a "Bridget At Home Workout". Basically

-I put on my sweatpants
-Danced for a while
-Jumping jacks
-Walking lunges up and down the length of the apartment
-Crunches on a stability ball
-2 planks
-The other thing on the stability ball where you are in push up position, feet on the ball and kneel in bringing ball in towards chest, then back out...don't know what it's called.
-More dancing
-push ups

Basically just wanted to work up a sweat...better than nothing!

Then it was time...for my last slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza from SaturdayYUMMMMMM, this stuff is so amazing, thank god it's gone or I would be in trouble.

I also had a nice bowl of broccoli slaw with Annie's Honey Mustard Dressing.Besides the pizza, another thing I was REALLY looking forward to was a big mug of hot chocolate full of mini marshmallows!!

The mug of cocoa mix and marshmallowsIn one of the roomies newly purchase cable knit mugs from StarbucksI added the hot water, MORE marshmallows...and then had an INCREDIBLE idea, well partly my idea: Roomie mentioned how awesome it would be to have toasted marshmallows...well guess who has a creme brulee torch...THIS KID!I like to call this, "Campfire Hot Chocolate"...yeah maybe they got a little over cooked but tasted just like campfire marshmallows...GENIUS!

Definitely will be making this again.

BTW, Gossip Girl was AMAZING, and I can't believe I have to wait until Jan 5 for a new episode!!

I need Recommendations!

So now that I am hoping to get into running more, I want to get a heart rate monitor. For some reason I thought they would also track my distance and speed, but those ones are like $400. I really want the functions of a heart rate monitor, but why don't they come with the foot pod transmitters?? Or is it not really that necessary? Any thoughts, comments, recommendations!? I think Brian is going to get me one for Christmas so I want to give him some options :)

Thanks in advance!


  1. I have the same cable-knit starbucks mug? isn't it so cozy? perfect for your campfire hot chocolate. yummm.

    that cookie looks so good ;)

    oddly enough, the broccoli looks just as good!

    have a good night bridet!

  2. Your hot chocolate looks soooo good.

  3. I love the mug it's so cute. Also I love the hot chocolate idea I really need to try that! I also have been meaning to get broccoli slaw? Do they sell it at Trader Joe's?

  4. OOo I love cookie dough. So addicting.

    The breakfast muffin thing looks good - I will have to look for them.

    Have a good night!

  5. Everything looks awesome- especially that cocoa! mmm- warm beverages are the only plus winter has going for it!

    I forgot my sports bra once when I went to the gym....I was like yah this is so not happening haha

  6. Definitely freezing!!


    Hooray for Gossip Girl!!

    Happy Tuesday!!

  7. British muffins?! They look good!

    That's hysterical that you forgot your pants! Good luck with "the running thing" anyway!

  8. That stuffed cookie looks amazing!!!
    I hate forgetting things when I get to the gym - just totally throws you off. You did great, though, still working up a sweat at home!
    I'm looking for a new HRM too, so no suggestions from me, but I hope I get one for xmas too!

  9. I am ALL OVER those marshmallows!!

    I love the at home workout :)

  10. hey there! just my 2 cents about your granola and the should either try re-hydrating the raisins a little bit then squeezing out the extra liquid, do exactly as u thought to add them closer to the end of the baking time, or even just not put the raisins in the oven at all! because if you think about it the raisins have already been exposed to dry heat when the grapes were dehydrated....ok i am getting a little carried away there, just the pastry chef in me! hope all is well! sorry i have been MIA for a while, I am kinda new to the blog world, but I am getting the hang of it!

  11. is that ranch dressing with your amazing looking pizza? man - I am totally on your food wavelength! ;)

  12. Awesome idea with the marshmallows. I actually prefer mine a bit on the burnt side.
    I love my Garmin Forerunner 305 but I for Christmas I am asking for a new one that I can use indoors. I like the Polar F11.

  13. haha so silly about the pants..bravo for that awesome home workout- i LOVE dancing around solo!! I need to stock up on some mallows for hot chocolate that is so perfect :D

  14. Oh my goodness that dessert looks great! And that hot cocoa...yum!

  15. Those cookies do look pretty amazing! I want a HRM for christmas too- so I don't really have any suggestions but I've heard Polar is the best! Good luck!