Monday, December 1, 2008

Fun Weekend Recap plus Wedding Plans - Registering

First I must mention that my last post (Thanksgiving) was my 100th! Yay :) I love having this blog, and as much as I've really like to post 3 times a day sometimes it's just not possible...esp if I want to keep my job :) Anywho...where did this weekend go!?

It was a long, jam packed, fun filled 4 days off from work...esp filled with lots of amazing food.

Mom and I were up bright and early to hit up the mall for Black Friday...I love the feeling in the air when its busy with holiday shoppers. For lunch I wanted something the opposite of turkey!! So we went toMmmm. I love that they have their nutritional info online as well. We always order a bunch of different items and share...then lots of leftovers. The little cup on the napkin is their "special" dipping sauce for dumplings and lettuce obviously we got both.

Steamed veggie dumplings
And Chicken lettuce wraps...
I love those little airy noodle things...they add a little crunch.

Then for the main meal we ordered (what looks like a ton of food, but we split it and had a LOT of leftovers!!)

Oolong Marinated Sea BassThis fish is awesome, and probably one of the most healthy things on their menu...served over some baby spinach.

The Kung Pow scallopsThis dish in itself is not the best thing for you...fried...BUT, it packs SO MUCH FLAVOR you just need a taste, plus I love the peanuts in the good!

Side of Scheshwan asparagusAnd some cold cucumber salad
and Brown rice of course
Posting all those pictures just made me so hungry for Asian food right now!!!

I also got in a pretty good run (for me) that afternoon...I haven't figured out how far I went yet, but it was a lot more running than walking which is big for me! Plus it just felt better...yay!

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures from Brian's moms Thanksgiving on Saturday, but you know the deal, however this time she had lots more veggies (she's on Weight Watchers so there were many healthier options!!). As much as I would never try to healthify some of my classic Thanksgiving dishes, by the time I get to her dinner (my 3rd) I am SO grateful that she does make it healthier!

I ended making some asparagus hors d'ourves! Some wrapped in delicious salty prosciutto, and some others using Ellie's recipe for Smoked Turkey wrapped Asparagus wrapped with a cute little chive! They were both a hit! I think you could wrap anything in prosciutto and it would be good.

Sunday, when Brian and I got back to his apartment in early afternoon, we decided to head out and do something I've been dying to do...start a Wedding Registry!!! First we needed some fuel and since he hasn't hit the grocery store in a few weeks we went to WF's. I wasn't super hungry but was excited to see a little yogurt parfait station...I filled a small containerThis contained:

- some FF Strawberry yogurt
- FF vanilla yogurt
- blueberries and raspberries
- melon
- granola
- a few walnuts
- a few dried cherries!
This hit the spot!

I also had another small container with protein and veggies- shredded carrots
- bell pepper strips
- grilled pepper pieces
- chicken salad
- tuna

Then it was time...REGISTERING!!! I have been so excited to start this!!! I know the wedding's not til Sept, but I've heard people will sometimes use it for Christmas gifts, so that was my justification. That and we just did a little, we still have a lot more to go.
This is like my toy store...well that and William Sonoma (I think we'll be having a little registry there too hehe)

It was awesome just picking out everything, unfortunately the dinnerware I love is only around temporarily and will eventually go to the outlets :( So I'm looking for a back up.

Side Note Product Review - TJ's Tempting Trail Mix
Try to control yourself when eating this delicious mix, but it contains the most amazing items...

- peanuts
- cashews
- almonds
- dried cherries
- chocolate chips
- peanut butter chips!
That bite immediately went into my mouth after the picture. I think I need to make like a yummy trail mix cookie using this stuff!!

This morning I enjoyed a wonderful Cinnamon Sticky Bun Coffee with milk
And some puffins, TJ's plain Greek yogurt, and fruit!And what do you know...just about lunch time!

Have a wonderful Monday (or at least try to)


  1. I was going to go to PF Chang's with my fam over Thanksgiving, but I skipped it! Your post makes me regret my decision! I would have ordered the Oolong bass, too. Thanks for the review!
    Have a great Monday :)
    PS-->Love Crate and Barrel! Lucky you !!

  2. everything you eat is the exact thing I would eat or want to eat - so I always come to your site and leave hungry or craving something! :)

    crate & barrel is awesome - fun fun!

  3. i love pf chang's!! those lettuce wraps are the best :)

    registering sounds like sooo much fun :D

  4. The veggie dumplings look so very good!

    I want to see what you refigestered for!!! I love C & B and WS.

  5. oh, great stores for a registry :) hehe, heaven!! that trail mix sounds too tempting for me ;-)

  6. I loved registering! We did Macy's, Crate and Williams Sonoma! So fun! All the food looks so good. I have never been to PF's but heard so many good things about it!

  7. Now I can say Happy 101st post!! :-)


    Loooove Crate & Barrel.

  8. hey, just to answer your questions: the napkins are from this little designer housewares boutique in my town, but the brand is "mud pie gifts" if you search online for them! my waffles are Wegman's brand of belgian waffles, which is the supermarket I shop at :)
    Have a good day!

  9. PF Chang's lettuce wraps would definitely be my last meal if it came to that :D Fun wedding registry, i hope you get all your goods!!

  10. WOO HOO! When we had TJs that was my fave trail mix!
    Congrats on 100th post girl!

  11. I have been reading your blog for some time now, and just recently started my own blog - I want to add a blogroll and wanted to know if it would be allright to add a link to your blog. hope all is well!

  12. I love PF Chang's lettuce wraps!

    Crate & Barrel is the best! How fun!!