Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun Packages and Fake Eyelashes!

Yes I just got home from dress rehearsal and I'm still rockin' the fake eyelashes. I never think to wear them other than for dance, but man I'm lovin' how my eyes look right now...I should try them out for other fun nights out!

Well yesterday I came home to a very pleasant surprise...Yay! My very own Larabar T-shirt! And a big box of all the flavors!!!!! SO excited because there are some I have not had a chance to try. Of course all I really wanted to do was open them all and take a bite of each one...but I restrained myself. THANK YOU LARABAR!

I was rushing to get out the door for rehearsal so I did grab one...well maybe two.
I broke off a piece of each on my way to dance. First was Pistachio!

Pistachio - I really enjoyed this one, it had a mellow but rich flavor...just like eating pistachios from the shell but with a little sweetness from the dates and cashews. It's not an intense pistachio flavor but that's why I like it, it tastes just like the nut.


Lemon! - Holy lemon! Let me start by saying I LOVE citrus flavors and love tart lemony things...but this was just pushing it a little too much. The lemon was a little too intense for me, and could of used a bit more sweetness to cut the tartness. Not my fav, but I still like it. I will try it again though because the tartness may have been more pronounced because of the pistachio one I ate right before.

When I returned to the apartment I was still in the mood for more of a dinner. I made mini pizzas on Arnold Sandwich thins, and these Turkey meatballs we had in the freezer.I heated up 2 turkey meatball, and cut them up to place on my sandwich thin with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Before toastingAfter coming out of the toaster oven and served with 1 carrot cut into 3 piecesAnother terrific use for Arnold Sandwich thins!!

As I was packing my foods for the day this morning, I packed up my Advent calendar treats of the day for a sweet snack later
On the left is a coconut, almond, milk chocolate an Almond Joy but better! And a Dark chocolate nonpareil.

Another amazing oatmeal day...maybe I'm just getting better at making it at work, but its been so so good this week.

Today's Oats:
1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup skim milk
salt and vanilla
1/2 banana

Microwaved, then added:
1 tsp pumpkin butter
random toppings including: pecans, Tempting Trail Mix, Kashi Go lean, random dried fruit from a different trail mix.Oh! And a spoon of White Chocolate PB... by the way the PB chips from the trail mix taste just like that White choc. PB, and I've never had regular chocolate chips in oats...but when they melt its like heaven!!

Busy busy work day, had to make my lunch fast! So I didn't have the soup I packed but the oats were holding me over for a long time!

I did make a wrap using:
1 Josephs Low carb tortillas
2 slices honey maple turkey
1 slice American cheese
Broccoli Slaw!
Drizzle of Annie's honey mustard dressing
The slaw added a great crunch!

I ate a half of a PB&J during dress rehearsal, but when I got home I made a mini dinner since it was late!

1/2 Sandwich thin toasted with a garlic and herb Laughing cow
Some peas (frozen...cooked in microwave)And some TJ's Greek with Apple sauce!! I went back for more apple sauce was cool and refreshing.
I was asked about the comparison of TJ's Greek to Chobani...

I love both first of all. The TJ's is cheaper so that's a big reason I buy it more often. Another difference would be the consistency, I think TJ's is a little thicker, but Chobani a little creamier. I think I'd have to say the TJ's has ever so slightly more tang, but nothing too noticeable.

Well I see I've managed to be up too late AGAIN!! Yay for Friday tomorrow :)


  1. Sooo lucky! I want a Larabar tshirt!

    I make oats at work too :) It's an art for sure.

    Enjoy your Friday!

  2. jealous of your larabar swag :)

  3. owww fun larabars! Can't wait for the rest of your reviews!

    Those little pizzas look awesome- what a great quick dinner!

    I also agree- fake eyelashes are so fun! I wore them for halloween one year and loved it!

  4. LARABARS!!!!!!! I think you'll like my current blog post :-)

    Happy Friday, my friend!!

  5. You lucky goose! I want a larabar package!!!
    Oh, I think you may be pleasantly surprised with the lemon one next time around. I think it's yummy :D
    Love the mini pizzas on sandwich thins! Great idea with the meatballs...

  6. Ughhhh I HATED putting of false eyelashed! One time I actually glued my eyelids together - whoops ;)

    Thanks for the TJs v. Chobani review. Maybe one of these days I'll try the TJs.

    Woohoo for larabar package!!

  7. That pizza you made looks so good i'll have to try it. By the way I just started blog and your on my blogroll check it out.

  8. YAY!!! LARABARS ARE THE BEST! Love the t-shirt too!

  9. larabars are just wonderful. I agree with you about the fake eyelashes...after wearing them for halloween - i was like, i should put these on for big nights out too! :) turkey meatball pizzas look completely delicious.

  10. Lucky you, getting all that Larabar swag! I can;t wait to hear your reviews of all of the flavors!

  11. LUCKY! i'm so jealous of that big box of delicious. and the tshirt. tell us which one you like the best after reviewing them favorite is coconut cream pie ;)

    love the eats! awesome. fake eyelashes...ahh, i can never get them right !!

  12. Yay for Larabars!! You're so lucky!!