Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas with the Fiance!

Last night was pretty much Christmas for my fiance and I. We won't actually be seeing each other tonight or tomorrow on Christmas Day...and this will be the last year for that since next Christmas we'll be married!! We had an amazingly Christmasy night!

It all started with dinner at Bonfire!

Brian ordered a Dark and Stormy (ginger beer with some sort of rum, layered).I decided to try the Pomegranate Champagne Martini which had a type of pomegranate vodka, apple cider, champagne, and splash of lemon...rimmed with cinnamon sugar (my fav part).It was REALLY strong, this reminded me why I don't order martinis...I hate a strong vodka taste. I took a few sips and nicely asked our waitress if the bartender could add something to it to make it less strong came back nicely re-chilled and re-rimmed (!), and much less strong...phew!

I think the bread basket may have been my favorite part of the evening...those Madeleine looking things were amazing warm corn bread, and the other bread was my palette for the INCREDIBLE garlic butter they served with the bread...seriously that butter was one of the most amazing things I've had! I had to stop my self...1 corn bread and 1 slice of bread with a good amount of butter :)

Next, Salad!

We both ordered salads as appetizers...I decided on the Pop Over Salad, which had green and red leaf lettuces, tomatoes, bacon, and radish, with a creamy peppercorn dressing (on the side). I was expecting a salad with a little popover on the side, BUT instead I was served this!A salad INSIDE a popover! How cool does that look! I only ate the top of the popover though...already had enough bread. You can kind of see Brian's salad in the background...his Bonfire Steakhouse salad, which had baby iceberg, blue cheese dressing, Serrano ham, figs, walnuts, and crispy onions...YUM!

Then came our entree...we got the Paella to share!Spicy Chorizo, Lobster, clams, mussels, white fish, shrimp, chicken, and saffron risotto! It really had a strong chorizo taste, but there's nothing wrong with that! I think the clams were my favorite part.

Since we were going straight to the Theater afterwards, no leftovers :( And that also meant I probably ate more than needed.

Off to the Grinch!

This was the stage before it started...pretty!I almost bought a t-shirt with the little dog, Max, on it...but then came to my senses that I'd be wasting $25 on a shirt I'll wear to bed or the gym.

The show was SO Fun!! It was very whimsical and Christmasy and the guy who played the Grinch was amazing! Very Jim Carey-like!

The Theater lobby looked beautiful decorated for the holidays:
When we got back to my apt it was PRESENT TIME!!!

Brian did a VERY good job :) He doesn't have the greatest memory, BUT when it comes to present ideas/hints...he always somehow remembers.

First: Giada's new Cookbook!
how good does that sound!! I can't wait to make some recipes.

Next was a bunch of fun Anthropologie things...and this was what I mean by the remembering little hints...we were in there ONCE last month and I mentioned how I love all the little fun kitchen things...

Owl S&P shakers...SO cute!!2 fun little bowls
And the little tea cup measuring cups I've had my eye on foreverThe next three gifts all tie into my new desire to run more :)

A lightweight "wicking" long sleeve shirtThe Nike Ipod attachment to keep track of my distances, speeds...etc. I also need new sneaker so I may just have to get some Nikes :)

And last but certainly not least...a Heart Rate Monitor...a PINK one!
The Polar F11! I am SO SO Excited to try all this stuff out...probably tomorrow :)

I have such a great future husband! It's not even Christmas yet and I feel like I've made out like a bandit.

I hope all your Christmas present wishes come true too!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!! I'm all done work, have a few errands, then off to the family Christmas Eve celebration at my aunts.


  1. OMG great presents!! Merry Christmas love! And good job NOT buying the shirt haha you can for sure spend that money elsewhere :D

  2. FUN gifts!! Your fiance should be proud!!

    MMM warm cornbread and salad in a popover - love it!


  3. It sounds like you had an amazing night. Too bad the two of you won't be together for Christmas.

  4. Beyond stunning and spectacular gifts/night - your fiancé is a keeper!!! :-D


  5. Wow, what a gorgeous dinner! And the theatre looks beautiful. Your fiance really picked out some good gifts! I would totally be happy with each and every one, especially the anthro-loot :) :) You both are lucky !
    Have an amazing holiday, Bridget! I hope it is filled with joy, health, and happiness <3

  6. what a FUN night. the dinner looks so good. and the gifts!?! i almost bought those bowls at anthropologie yesterday! great gifts!!

  7. your christmas is off to a lovely start, enjoy your day tomorrow!!

    ps- and please review the book ;-)

  8. Awesome gifts! I got some blogging and fitness/food related gifts too :)
    Glad you liked Bonfire!
    Merry Christmas, Bridget!!!

    Your presents all look amazing! Those cups and bowls are sooo pretty!!! And that theater looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

    Happy Holidays!!


    Merry Christmas lovely one! XO <333

  11. What a wonderful night! So cute. Glad you had a blast and he did an amazing job on gifts!

    Merry Christmas!

  12. I got those measuring cups too!!!! Aren't they just the cutest things!

  13. What a fun night! Oh, and I saw some little pouches you can put the ipod sensor in on so that you don't have to wear Nikes- just a tip in case you find other shoes you like. The pouches were $6, I think.