Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chili Pot

Just got back from dance class a little while ago…and my foot didn’t hurt, YAY! I made a little roast beef sandwich on a sandwich thing with cuc’s and tomatoes…sorry went un-pictured.

The pictures are from last night when I made Turkey and Bean chili from Real Simple magazine!!


It was part of their special section on 400 calorie meals (or less!).


This one was less, right around 337 calories!


The recipe makes 4 servings, so I doubled it so we’d have lots of leftovers.

I was also SO excited to christen this baby:


Isn’t she beautiful :)

Using my new pot (well Dutch oven technically), made sautéing peppers, onions, and garlic so much more enjoyable.



All the ingredients.


Since I double the recipe and would need 4 cans of beans, I did half kidney beans and half black beans…cause I love me some black beans!


Simmered. I did end up adding some more chili powder, cumin, a little garlic powder, and a couple teaspoons of cocoa powder…but all in all a great recipe! Tasted even better today at lunch.


Served with just a tiny bit of cheese, low-fat sour cream, and lots of fresh cilantro.

IMG_7971Also baked up some cornbread…I heart cornbread.


This was a delicious and filling chili, and you get a lot for that 337 calorie serving.

P.S. Lately, my chocolate craving has been satisfied by pieces of this little orange ball of love. This was in my Christmas stocking :)




Workout Updates!

Saturday (1/23) Hot Yoga…one of the sweatiest in a long time!

Monday (1/25) Body Combat…again, one of the sweatiest. It think it was the combination of a warmer humid day + lots of new people in class

Tuesday (1/26) Jazz Class – 90min. Love it!

Wednesday (1/27) – off (class after work)

Thursday (1/28) – Hot Yoga – I have 1 more class left on my card that expires the 29th!

Friday (1/29) – Off

Weekend – Not sure yet, would really like to run depending on the weather. If not I’ll be hitting up Body Pump and some cardio at the gym on Sunday.


  1. Those pots are AMAZING!
    I can't wait for my real simple mag to get here- apparently you guys get yours wayy before us up here in canada!

  2. YUM! The chili looks awesome. I love mine full of extra veggies=perfect! Your new pot is such a beauty. Jealous...

    <3 that you are loving Les Mills! Combat and Pump just rock. If I had enough time, combat would def be the next program I'd want to be certified in...but three is more than enough for right now!

  3. It seems to be the chili time of year! Great recipe, looks delish!

  4. Yes, your little blue pot is beautiful. I can't wait to get one!

  5. you just can't have chili without warm cornbread -- they go hand in hand. Looks like a fab dinner!

  6. That dutch oven is beautiful! I want one so badly. I wish we had registered for one.

  7. Wow! Great workouts this week- the look like a lot of fun, too!

    I would love to make some chili but I've been too lazy! Maybe if I had a dutch oven...