Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas morning (those who celebrate it anyways :)  Was Santa good to you???

I’ve had a whole week full of festivities, so we’ll have a short short re-cap so I can get to the goods from Christmas and Christmas Eve.

First…my fun Forever 21 ensemble for the cocktail party last weekend.

I didn’t really want to buy a new dress but I wanted some more “fun” than “fancy” and this white strapless dress with silver floral motif was perfect and festive, especially with the “fur” shrug ;)


Love using the timer on the camera


Before the party we (me, Brian, and Jocy), had a little dinner at this new restaurant, Post 390, in the city.  It was awesome and deserves its own post….so that will have to wait for now.

  IMG_7495 IMG_7507 IMG_7516

Some of the girls…


a few boys… (they were all in the wedding too!)


Oh the boys…


Moving along… Monday night, Brian, my Mom, and I went to Symphony Hall to see the Boston Pops Holiday show!!

I haven’t been to Symphony Hall since I was maybe 7?  It’s so pretty inside.

IMG_7573 IMG_7574

The music was fantastic and you could tell everyone in there was in the holiday spirit!  At the end they even had a sing-along complete with the words on a screen to follow along!


Now to the loot…

Brian and I did our gifts Christmas Eve morning since it was going to be our only alone time for a while.

He went all out…what a great husband:)

  • Grey fleece Welly Socks for my Wellies
  • Cropped pants from LuLu Lemon!!!  (I was hoping for these)
  • Lulu Lemon running gloves and neck warmer

IMG_7585 IMG_7586 IMG_7594

Then he goes upstairs to the big closet which has had an “Off Limits” sign on it for a couple weeks.

He comes down with something wrapped in my old pink comforter:


What the???


It’s a nice outdoor umbrella for our patio!!!  Awesome!!! 


with a nice sturdy base!  I can’t wait to put this up outside!!


Un pictured was a base for the new cappuccino machine, but right the base + machine doesn’t fit under our cabinets…hmmm.

Then the biggie…oh yes!


My very own 7 1/4 qt Le Creuset Dutch Oven!!

Don’t worry the husband made out as well!  I got him:

  • a tool belt
  • drill bit set
  • an electric Orbital Sander
  • a huge Craftsman Tool storage chest

Can you tell there was a theme?  Can you tell we have a house now hahah!?

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning at Mom’s. 

She, um, downsized the tree this year haha… its still cute though.


Willow’s Stocking :)    Mom’s stocking, with the over flow wrapped next to it.

 IMG_7597 IMG_7598

Then my ginourmous stocking hehe


and my “overflow”…yeah she went crazy with the stocking stuffers this year.


 IMG_7603 IMG_7604 IMG_7606IMG_7605

Thanks mom!!!! 

I also received:

  • another pair of Welly socks haha, I guess every time I walked by them in Nordstrom I dropped hints to her and Brian. 
  • a pink Cashmere sweater.
  • new Christmas PJ’s!
  • and mom got Brian and I an escape ladder thing to keep in our bedroom since it’s on the 2nd floor.  Such a mom gift…now she “doesn’t have to worry”.

Willow loved her new toy.

IMG_7602 IMG_7608

I really want to run, but it’s COLD…we’ll see if that happens.  This afternoon we’re off to my aunts for Christmas dinner!

Then tomorrow it’s Day after shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love the day after…oh yes!


  1. Aww, lovely post!
    Have a very merry Christmas, darling
    <3 rebecca

  2. oh girl you in that dress? flawless. You look like an angel!

    Merry Christmas to you beautiful girl! xo

  3. LOVE the dress and such amazing gifts! I've always wanted a Le Creuset too! They are just gorgeous. Keep on enjoying the day! Merry Christmas

  4. Very cute dress and what lovely presents, I love that somebody else still gets fruit in their stocking, my friends always used to laugh at me for it!

  5. i LOVE your forever 21 outfit..that is hot girl!

  6. Merry Christmas Bridget!! It sounds like it was wonderful, and i've heard grrreeaat things about post 390! I can't wait to come back to Boston and go ouutt :D Ha minus the freeezing temps! XO

  7. oh wow, looks like a great holiday!

  8. That's such a cute dress! I would have never guessed it was from F21 :). Oh, I'm also really jealous of your Lulu loot!