Sunday, January 17, 2010

Girl Weekend + Great Run+Foot Pain

First lets re-wind to Friday:  I packed myself the components for ‘the bomb"’ veggie sandwich to take to work:

Great Harvest 9-grain bread, spinach, red onion, cucumber:

IMG_7812 IMG_7806





Hot Sauce!  Tomato and Avocado:
IMG_7807 IMG_7809







Sooooo good :)


I had to take a picture of Brian’s breakfast because it was totally blog-erific, and what I like to call “a tale of two Almond Butters” haha


2 slices of toast, 1 with Raw AB and the other Roasted AB!

I went for some ‘yogurt and berries’ ;)



plus: peach slices, granola, and 1 Kashi Heart 2 Heart waffle




I opted for some French Press that morning:

IMG_7822       IMG_7821

Later that day Brian headed up to NH for the night and so my best friend came over for a fun girl weekend/sleepover party :).  Her, her friend from work, and I planned a run

We started at my house, ran down to this pond in my town, ran around it, and ran home…all in all about 4.7 miles!  This was probably the longest I’ve EVER run continuously (there were only 2 short breaks when my friend got a cramp and even then I tried to just run real slow while she walked) and was feeling great the whole time!! 

Well I must of ran a tad too much…more than my body was used to because I’ve been having pretty bad pain in my left foot since :(.  I’ve had similar, although not nearly as bad, pain in the past and I am almost SURE it’s the Plantar fasciitis.  Didn’t hurt at all while running, but started as soon as I took my sneakers off.  Hurts the most in bare feet and feels way better when I was wearing my heeled boots most of the weekend.   Weird, and annoying.  Hopefully it fades off and next time I’ll ice, and am going to look into adding some arch supports to my sneakers. 

Girl weekend continued with:

  • Manicure/pedicures
  • dinner, shopping, and movies with my mom (we saw “It’s Complicated….SOOOO FUNNY!!!)
    • got the CUTEST running skirt at Lululemon…now I just need some warmer weather.
  • this morning we enjoyed cappuccinos and mini bagels
    and a juicy orange
  •   IMG_7825

  • a little more shopping this morning
  • then a visit down to our friends apartment where I made this salad again.

Unfortunately I do NOT have MLK day off :(  booo!  So back to work I go.  Body Combat tomorrow after work!  Really hope my foot is OK for it!

IMPORTANT:  Bake Sale for Haiti


  1. HA ok swearrr i'm not a stalker, just wrote on your fb :D But I ran for the first time ever a few weeks ago on the treadmill and it was awesome, but literally the next day my foot KILLED me so bad, just when i walked on a certain part or wore different shoes! It sounds really similar to what you are saying, so annoying! I just rested it and stuck to other workouts :/ Have a great week dear!

  2. I love your waffle breakfasts- they're so colorful! Sounds like a super fun weekend. Sorry to hear about the foot :( I will keep my fingers crossed that it just goes away! Your nails look great. Enjoy combat- kick some booty

  3. Your breakfast is beautiful! Totally a 'Yogurt and Berries' staple meal.

    Sorry about your foot! I hope it feels better soon... :(

    I got a mani/pedi with my friend this weekend too. Aren't they the best? Feels good to be pampered.

    Love ya!

  4. Hope you feel better! My body hates me when I run, so I can relate.

    I love how your husband showed you a blog-worthy breakfast. Mine always tries to get me to take pictures too!

  5. That's awesome that you ran 4.7 miles -- I am currently working on my goal of being able to run 3! Great job :)

  6. I love your blog! I just came across it and think it's just wonderful!

    Your photos make me hungry, lucky for me, it's almost lunch! Happy Tuesday!

  7. The waffle creation makes me smile. Congrats on the run Bridget!


    hope youre doing well darling <3

  9. i love the initial coffee cup!

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