Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dear Snow...STOP IT!

Haha...yeah we're supposed to get like 12" by the morning...sweet. How is it that I was so happy about the weather Friday and three days later its back to a winter MESS!! So in a few, Brian and I are going back up to his apt for the night so we will have the short commute tomorrow morning. I haven't been at the computer much this weekend so I want to:

Extend the Giveaway Deadline Two Days!

I know the suspense must be killing you, BUT, I do have THREE prizes to give so I'll give it a little longer :)

Well, that cold/sore throat that I thought I squashed earlier in the week came back. I woke up yesterday all stuffy :( Grrrrr!!! Like every person around me has been sick but I was REALLY hoping to avoid this. Luckily it hasn't been too bad, and I was NOT going to let it impact the Yoga Challenge!

I was really excited to read about Tina's Yoga Challenge for the month of March! I have been loving the Hot Yoga lately so I figured this would be a great addition. I downloaded a handful of yogadownloads, and got to it this morning.

I did the 30 minute Gentle Hatha Yoga #1. Because of my cold, I didn't want anything too strenuous, but more of a relaxing stretch for the morning. This was great!! I really liked it. I followed along with the pose guide on my screen and never felt like I had to stop and check my pose on the screen.

I am hoping to go to Hot Yoga Class tomorrow, but we'll see with this damn snow!!!

Wedding Things!
Saturday, Mom and I went to meet with our caterer at the rentals place to pick out all the fun stuff...linens, place settings, flatware, stemware...etc. They have everything in their studio, and tables you can"dress up"!My Mock Table!!
  • Chocolate Brown Satin Table Cloth
  • Tan/Camel colored striped napkin
  • Ivory dinnerware with gold rim
  • Silver Plate flatware
  • Wine and Water glass
With chair - Natural Wood Garden Chair.
P.S. NOT my flowers...those were just there. My Flowers will be Bright and Dark pinks!!
Close up...the pink "napkin" tucked into my napkin was just to show where the menu card will go (and the menu card will be pink), so it will be tucked into the napkin. It's behind the plate because I am going to have the salads already plated when people sit down (saves some time).

Fun!! Not pictured, but Brian and I are going to have a sweetheart table and its going to be a higher cocktail table so we can look out at the crowd...with high bar stool-like Chivairi chairs!

Something to remind me of warm weather...Watermelon!! Picked this up at the grocery store...precut, it was delish! Mmmm summer.

We had a quick breakfast this morning of scrambled eggs and TJ's Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin British Muffins. I had 1 half with smart balance, the other with PB and banana.Brian and I spent alllllll day driving around different towns that we may want to live. We know the geographical area that we want to look for houses in, but we don't "know" those towns we drove them! It was a really good thing to do...can't wait to really start looking at houses!!!

Then we had a Sunday Dinner at Moms.

Roast Chicken:
Roasted Veggies: Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots, Onions, and Garlic!
(there was also a little mashed potato, gravy, and cranberry sauce!)

Then I noticed these babies on the tableThose would be Rolly-Pollies!! And Rolly-Pollies only come when there was PIE CRUST made...I knew it had to be somewhere...
My FAV...Butterscotch Pie!! (she'd HATE this picture because she gets SO mad when the meringue separates from the crust, but its still SO good...any professionals out there with a solution to the separation issue???)

I cleaned my pie plate :)Hope you all had great weekends!!


  1. Ahh, so much snow here too - it's insane!!

    Hooray for yoga!!

    Love the mock table for the wedding!!! Beautiful.

    Get 100% well soon!!!

  2. I feel you on the snow! We're supposed to get a lot too :( I hate snoww its a total damper and puts everything out of commission! The wedding table looks gorgeous!

  3. awww weddings are SO FUN!

    the pie is gorgeous too....your mom sounds hilarious!!

    happy Monday!

  4. ughhhhhhhhhh snow snow go away! That sounds like pure craziness. I hope you start to feel so much better soon! The table looks just perfect! Very classy!

  5. I'm not going to say anything about snow...I've been lucky enough to not get any recently so hopefully I didn't just jinx myself *knocks on wood*

  6. oh the snow... maybe you'll have a "snow day" from work :) great weekend!!!

  7. So cute..neighborhood "shopping"!! :D Your table decor is lovely, i think brown and pink is such a perfect combo! Very elegant...and YES The suspense is killing me!

  8. Looks like your mom made a great Sunday night dinner :D

  9. I love the table setting!!! I actually am quite excited to see your wedding pictures. I hope you eventually post lots!

  10. Your tables are going to be gorgeous! I love the chocolate/pink combination- so classy and fun.

  11. The tables look so pretty, and as for the snow if you can send some my way that would be nice, Id love another snow day :)

  12. bummer so much snow! I'm ready for some summer! Love the wedding table. I just love anything wedding in general!

  13. awww LOVE the linens and such! so gorgeous!!! the pie looks amazing as well!

  14. Mmmm, now i've got a hankering for some pie...

  15. I am with you on the snow!

    I love the table setting too - so beautiful!

  16. aww pretty table setting! love it! i love all things wedding-related, it's going to be such an amazing day for you.

    pie..... mm:)