Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bride's Registry Guide

A few weeks ago I was contacted by with the proposition to work with them to form an article relating to bridal registries and cookware...which just happen to be two of my FAVORITE topics right now! I mean this couldn't have come at a better time: I am getting married, recently started up 3 different registries, am looking to buy a house, and I use cookware all the time :) A match made in heaven if you ask me.

This is also being timed perfectly with the sending of my Save The Dates! My friends and family should be receiving them in the mail in the next couple of days and if they go to my wedding website, they will find links to my registry :)You heard me correct, I have 3 registries and may add a 4th! I mean there's just not 1 single store that satisfies my needs haha. For example, I have a registry at Pottery Barn (yay!), this is almost entirely for dinnerware. I just LOVE the Emma collection and didn't find anything I liked as much anywhere else so that's where that came from.

So without further ado...

Brides Registry Guide to Cookware

There comes a time in a bride’s life when we need to pick out the proper wedding gifts that will suit the everyday needs of their new home. Despite the fact that we want to concentrate on the honeymoon and endless nights of take out, we need to come to the realization the importance of making our new house into a home. As with any occasion, there is a difference between items that we must have and items we desperately want and it’s time to filter that list out in order to be prepared for our upcoming wedding registry.

When creating your gift registry, it’s important to think of your current cooking lifestyle around the home and about those must-have items that may get overlooked on an everyday basis. Whether you’ve grown up cooking alongside your parents at an early age or don’t know the first thing about boiling water, having cookware sets on your registry list will be a saving grace in the long run. Any five to eight piece set is sufficient for your kitchen as this will provide a variety of different size pots and sauté or frying pans to suit all of your cooking needs. Depending on you and your partner’s diet, there are many essential items to add to your kitchen to help you achieve the delicious dish you’re after. Aside from the fundamental pot and pan set, trying new cookware tools can actually add more flavor to your meals and ease to your daily cooking routine.

In terms of kitchen tools that are necessary for any kitchen, tongs, wooden spoons, and spatulas can be your best friends as they make sure your meats are flipped properly, sauces are well blended, and mixtures are smoothed over evenly. Furthermore, you can never have too many mixing bowls for those ingredients that require additional seasoning. Kitchen accessories and small appliances should also be considered on any wedding registry for added convenience and can include garlic presses, stand up mixers, citrus squeezers, cutlery blocks, and nonstick rolling pins. These handy tools will make your life in the kitchen a whole lot easier when you’re preparing meals for your new family or entertaining guests around the holidays.

Thank you!

In my opinion the epitome of Bridal gifts is the "Kitchen Aid Mixer"...oh yes! I was SO lucky, my grandmother went out and bought me a mixer like 2 days after I got engaged; she was SO excited haha!

My Chrome BeautySo now that this is off my list, some of the other big ticket items I am (hopefully) looking forward to are:
  • My dinnerware and glassware
  • Knives!! (we registered for the Wusthof Classic 8-piece set...I've wanted a really nice set of knives for SO long!)
  • Cookware Set! - I have actually accumulated a decent number of nice pans over the years, but I'd love me some All Clad Stainless! Well in a perfect world I'd have some beautiful Mauviel Copper pots, but lets not get a head of ourselves :)
  • Oh and then there's the oh so fun random kitchen tools...can you tell I LOVED registering
  • I'm also really excited about the Food Scale :)
I could go on and on! We haven't even picked out any table linens or many other decorative items. Like I said we are starting the house hunting process and don't want to pick out those things until we know what we're working with...we might want a dining table first :)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. That's the same Kitchen Aid mixer I have :D I got it as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. Love it!

    And I would totally be registering for some super good knives. They are the one thing I am seriously missing in my kitchen. Too bad I'm not getting married any time soon!

  3. WOW - your save the date is so freaking cute! I love it. You look fab. Check out those boots!

  4. Congrats! Oh, I have wanted a big mixer like that since I got married four years ago, haha, maybe someday ;-) I had three registries too and I'm sure it will be just as bad whenever I have a baby!

  5. Oh goodness, I am so jealous of your Kitchen Aid! I need to get engaged ASAP if I can get my hands on one of those ;)

    CUTE save the date!!

  6. if i were invited to the wedding i would tooootally get you those bunny salt and pepper shakers. hahahaha.

  7. My best friend (Commenter Heather's Bestie on the blog) has the Emma collection and it's gorgeous. The first thing I will register for is the Kitchen Aid mixer for sure!

  8. ooo the kitchen aid mixer is so fab! I made my mom get one when i saw that the barefoot contessa used one, but now i actually USE it, and it's amazing!

    that picture of you two is TOO cute!! love it :)

  9. do you ever read goodthingscatered? she has tons of pics with her fun emma collection. it is such a pretty one.

    also, i can't WAIT for a kitchen aid mixer. definitely a bridal registry must

  10. That is a great photo.
    I agree there are so many great stores. At least you are giving people a good selection to choose from.

  11. LOVE the save the date! So cute! I truly truly LOVE my kitchen aid! I dunno what I did with out it!:)