Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Chocolate Obsession

Speaking of Chocolate, if you haven't already entered...My Fiber One Chocolate/Spa giveaway is still going on!!

Recently I was a VERY lucky recipient of a giveaway myself! Through the Food Buzz Tastemakers program I was able to be part of a product review for Recchiuti Confections out of San Fransisco!

As soon as I saw the word "Confections" I was excited. Then I visited their website...WOW. There were so many different combinations of chocolate, fruits, and nuts, as well as chocolate bars, boxed chocolates, SAUCES!...I could not wait to see what I was going to receive.This made me excited...and that was before I read what was inside!
I don't know if you can read that so let me clear things up...this was the:

Asphalt Jungle Mix - A riot of Burnt Caramel Hazelnuts & Almonds, Cherries Two Ways and Peanut Butter Pearls.

Ummm YES PLEASE!! I was almost in disbelief of the combination of chocolate covered goodies in this package.

All I can really say to this is HOLY YUM!! The nuts were delicious...with the dark chocolate and hint of burnt caramel. There were two different types of cherries. One seemed to be like the usual dried cherries I am used to and the other were a more plump not as chewy version! The peanut butter pearls are AMAZING. Little spheres of crispy PB covered in silky dark chocolate.

I will be SAD when this is all gone...LUCKILY the wonderful Recchiuti people are offering 15% off all orders from now until April 11th. Just use the promo code : "buzz"More Weekend Eats

Obviously I've eaten more than this, but to save time I'll just mention a couple of blog worthy treats I've enjoyed thus far.

Friday night I was OVERLY excited to get home and make a Boboli pizza haha. Don't know why I was so excited, but I was...I had a Whole Wheat Boboli Crust, ham, pineapple, cheese, and sauce.


Oh yes! I haven't had this in AGES, so I was excited.
I probably ate 1/3 of the pizza but it's definitely not as big as a normal pizza and it tasted SO much healthier than the kind you order. Much less grease!! Mmmm.Smoothie Time!

I've been so intrigued of all the "green" smoothie type things I've seen all around the Blog World lately that I wanted to try my own. I had Kale on hand so gave it a shot.

  • 1 cup Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Breeze
  • 1/2 Banana
  • 5 frozen strawberries
  • 3 Kale leaves
  • 1 T Almond Butter
  • 1/2 scoop Vanilla protein powder
So mine wasn't very green but it was delicious!Probably could of added more Kale but this tasted great!! Next time I will add more Kale, and this kept me full all morning.
Now that the weather is getting (ever so slightly) warmer...I will be enjoying more smoothies and protein shakes! Yay!

Restaurant Week

It's Restaurant Week (weeks) here in Boston. Numerous Restaurants in and around the City (including most of the high end places) offer a prix fix three course menu for $33.09 per person for dinner and $20.09 for lunch!

This is a great opportunity to try out some of the more expensive restaurants in Boston as a great price! I always try to go to at least 2 or 3 when this rolls around twice a year. I went last Wednesday with my mom to one, and going to another tonight...then Brian and I will go to a final restaurant Friday. I'll do a full Restaurant Week Post after Friday! Can't wait :)


  1. Haha, so glad that it was "holy yum"!! :-D

    Oooh Restaurant Week!! Exciting & delicious!!

  2. What a GREAT treat! Sounds very yummy. Enjoy restaurant week! Ours was a couple weeks ago and we totally missed it!

  3. wow, those look divine!! :) i hit up tremont 647 last week, we all LOVED it!

  4. Hawaiian pizza!! That used to be my ultimate fav! Yours looks delicious :)

    I'm not a big chocolate girl but holy cow those sound good!

  5. Restaurant week sounds like a good idea, I hope it spreads!

  6. I love green smoothies!!!

    Enjoy Restaurant week! Sounds like fun!


  7. those chocolates sound so interesting! :D I'll need to find them!

  8. I just LOVE those smoothies! yay for green monsters! Sometimes mine aren't so green either:/

  9. That is an amazing looking chocolate mix. So jealous! And nice pizza - I made a Hawaiian pizza yesterday as well :)

  10. Those chocolates look awesome! Chocolate covered nuts are my favorite thing because they combine my 2 obsessions in 1 :)
    Enjoy restaurant week. I usually go to 2 or 3 myself but lately I've been dining out a bit much. Gotta scale back a little...

  11. wow! lucky you! can definitely understand the new obsession. I'll be dreaming about them!
    ooh, can't wait for your restaurant review!

  12. hawaiian pizza! that sounds awesome :)

  13. mmmm chocolate & pizza, doesn't get much better than that :)

  14. The chocolates and pizza look SOOOOO good.

    The smoothie, ummmmmm, it's probably not to bad. ; )

  15. thats so exciting! luck girl! I am definitely a choco-holic and i'm so jealous =)

  16. cute blog!!!!

    i just got married in oct - i love my mixer!!!