Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dinner Notes and Spring Color

Busy work week = no time for anything else. The past two days I've worked 12-hour days and its amazing how much more draining of energy working at a desk for 12 hours is compared to a regular work day + a good workout!! Expending my energy through physical activity is way less exhausting than using my brain...haha!

Must of been perfect timing for the 31-day Yoga Challenge, because at least I know if nothing else I will get in 20min of yoga on these long days.

Last night was my night for staying at Brian's (although I had to miss his soccer game as I was still at work)...but he was cute and left a note on some leftovers that I could eat in the fridge. He made Shrimp scampi the other night and labeled it so:Haha...he used "modified" because he did not have the classic linguini or angel hair pasta usually used...he used rotini! For me, 90% of the time pasta is pasta and I don't care the shape :) (Actually I really don't like Angel Hair...not enough bite to it).It was DELICIOUS!! Garlicky, flavorful, and simple. I also found some frozen green beans to round out my quick dinnerOf course there is usually 1 or 2 things in his apt that I normally do NOT purchase but love to have as a treat when I am here...this time it wasOh yes, that's right, SPRING time Double Stuffed Oreos!!
I had one...And maybe went back for a half of one later :) This reminds me of of my roommates would always by only the colored holiday double stuffed Oreos when they came out, and she would totally hoard them in her room hahah!

Other bright Springy colors from yesterday...
  • TJ's Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Strawberries, Raspberries, and a couple stray Blueberries!
Sugar Snap Peas!!!! LOVE these! I munched on these crunchy fresh pods with my lunch.

And maybe not springy, but I treated myself to Star Bizzle this morning

Grande Non-Fat Cappuccino with Caramel Drizzle on top...mmm, Caramel!

Well it's still crazy busy here...glad I squeezed this post in!! Happy Thursday!


  1. Spring Oreos!!! Nostalgia alert - I used to love the ones with the powder-blue color filling (even though they all taste the same, haha).

    Ahh hang in there with the busyness, girl!!

  2. awww! hope some relief is in your future! So sweet of Brian to make you din din :) I haven't had oreos in forever! I love the spring colors!

  3. I'm very impressed by Brian's cooking skills ; ) And I love eating the icing from oreos...yum.

  4. Colored Oreos are just so much more fun!

    Hope you have a less stressful day :)

  5. ooh, i've been meaning to try shrimp scampi now that i eat shrimp :) love the label!

  6. The modified scampi looks wonderful! I agree with you on pasta, I don't like many of the "long" varieties. Broad rice noodles are definitly my favorite!

  7. mmmmm OREOS! i love love love love love the spring time (and all other) oreos. unless they arent double stuffed. once youve had a double stuffed, why would anyone go back to the regular?!

  8. I completely agree about angel hair. And one of my best friends from high school always had the holiday oreos!

  9. coming out of "lurkdom" to say I hello and that those oreos are so cute! yay spring!

    have a great weekend!

  10. Whoa, I've never seen green oreos. Have I been living under a rock? Are these common during easter? :)
    Have a good weekend, Bridget!

  11. Oo those Oreos...YUM! I wonder when they come out with the pink cream ones-those make me so happy. :)

  12. Great blog! I enjoy reading it...I'm a yogurt & berries when I stumbled on your blog - it was a dream come true! Always looking for new ways to make things with yogurt and berries! I've blog rolled your site - can you do the same?