Saturday, March 7, 2009

Work really interferes with Blogging!

And the rest of my life for that matter. I hate feeling so out of the loop!! We had one of our big submittal deadlines Friday so I was working long hours and barely had time to do anything...forget blogging OR working out :( Hate when I miss the gym (for the whole week), but when you get home at 8:30/9 you pretty much want to have a snack and go to bed.

At least today's GORGEOUS weather came at a perfect time!! I actually got to enjoy it!

After waking up kind of early for a Saturday (7:30...and man I could of used more sleep!), I got ready to meet up with one of my friends (bridesmaid) and her other bridesmaids to go shopping for our dresses (her wedding is after mine in October)!! In record time we all loved the first dress I picked out!! It was so flattering on everyone, I love it! It is going to be in like a grey/platinum color.

Before I headed out I had some protein in the form of TJ's Greek Yogurt!

With 1 jarred peach half, strawberries, raspberries and some Kashi U! I also ate a handful of PB puffins from the box :)

It was so nice I had to stop for an iced coffee with soy milk from Starbucks!!

After our speedy dress decision we went to lunch at Tavern in the Square at Porter Square in Cambridge. No pics because none of these girls know about the blog (yeah yeah I know, I should tell people), but anyways...every salad on their menu sounded awesome!! It was a tough choice!

I went with the: Marinated Feta and Avocado - Ripe Avocado, toasted pistachios, and marinated Feta, tossed with mixed greens, white beans, and citrus vinaigrette, and I added grilled chicken! DELICIOUS!! Just what I needed...veggies and protein!

Then it was FINALLY time to EXERCISE!! Brian and I went for a run! We ran for about 2.5-3 miles and walked maybe 1.5-2miles...our total route was 4.5 miles.

  • 4.5 miles
  • 1 hr 6min
  • 474 cals
  • 45% fat
  • Max HR 184
  • Avg 145
I could of actually ran more, but HE was the one who got tired...well more like his muscles tightened up after stopping to walk at one point. I can pretty much go from run to walk to run whenever, but he needs more steady running or he tightens up fast.

This made me feel great, especially that it was a great run for me OUTSIDE FINALLY!!! This makes me very excited to improve once we have more consistently good weather!

We later decided to go out to eat. We decided on Tremont 647 in Boston's South End. I've been twice, once with Brian, and have really enjoyed it. It's described as "Adventurous American Cuisine", and definitely has influences from all over the world. We hit many countries flavors tonight!

Hmm, they just changed up the menu and haven't updated it on the website...dammit! I'll try my best to describe.

We started with a delicious bread basket containing some amazing cornbread and like an herb bread (yeast bread)...mmm.

Then our appetizer...Wild Mushroom Gnocchi - black winter truffles, baby spinach, creamy sauce vermouth.

DE-LIC-IOUS!! Wow! Melt in your mouth Gnocchi with a rich flavorful truffley cream sauce. Perfect start!

Then for our entrees we decided to share the Lamb Skewers appetizer and the 4 tastes of Asia.

Lamb Skewers (can't remember the real name) but I know their is harissa involved, there is a cucumber and red onion salad with a yogurt dill dressing under the skewers and I don't recall the sauces unfortunately.oh yeah and on the top was some frisse but it was definitely mixed with a very flavorful and pungent vinaigrette! Awesome!!

This was the BEST thing I've had in a while. Everything on that plate was just BURSTING with flavor!! And all the flavors just melded so well together...just incredible. I would go back and order this any day.

The 4 Tastes of Asia had -
  • tofu gyozo's (there was other items in those too just cant remember) - second from right
  • a brown rice with like a seaweed salad on top I believe (far right)
  • Thai vegetable spring rolls (YUMMM) (left)
  • and a papaya, carrot, and something else salad...with peanuts, cilantro, and it was a bit spicy...but cool and refreshing at the same time! (under spring rolls)
  • dipping sauce! (far left)
We really went all over the world with our flavors tonight!! Their menu always has really different and very flavorful food, plus its a cute small place with an open kitchen!! You know how much I LOVE watching the kitchen do what they do best!!

We headed over to Fanuel Hall to possibly meet up with my cousins (that didn't happen) so we just split a small ice cream :)

Not done yet...

We then hit up the grocery store for some goods so I could make something to bring to my Grandmothers Birthday brunch tomorrow at my aunts!!! YUM!!

I opted not to add another carby item because I know tomorrow will be full of I went the savory route.

Sun dried Tomato Cottage Cheese Muffins (by Rose Elliot via 101cookbooks)

I've made these once before and they were great! Almost a quiche texture...but there is a tiny bit of flour and the base is cottage cheese and eggs.

p.s. While I was getting these babies together Brian was working on a marinade for our chicken we are going to grill up tomorrow!

Some of the key players:Pre-Mix

The Batter!

Mini muffins ready for the oven

Golden brown and smelling Delish!!

Well between getting up early, a great workout OUTSIDE, and losing an hour tonight (don't forget to Spring Forward tonight!)'s time for B-E-D!

I PROMISE to catch up on all your wonderful blogs in the AM!!!


  1. TJ yogurt is the best!

  2. That gnocchi sounds amazing. I love mushrooms with pasta :) And the Taste of Asia plate is right up my alley.

  3. wow! what a great day of food :) I know just what you mean with the whole working late/no gym type week...glad you got to get in a nice run and some yummy eats!!

  4. muffins look scrumptious!
    and agree that too much work makes hard to blog and exercise!
    Glad it's over for you! :D

  5. Great workout, eats, baked goods.... fabulous!!

    Hang in there with the busyness, dear Bridget!!

  6. Boo to crazy work :( It looks like you've been enjoying some seriously delicious eats though!

  7. Oh gosh, I totally know what you mean about blogging! I hate missing posts because then I'm out of it and I might miss a good recipe! haha

    Those muffins sound great! I will have to try it with tofu of something.

  8. sorry work has been so busy! This weather has been amazing--we went into Harvard square to walk around yesterday and there were SO many people outside, it was great! During the winter it sometimes seems like there is nobody even in Boston because everyone just hibernates, myself included!

  9. Haha how funny that he's the one who got tired! Nice job! TJs yogurt is the besttt :)

  10. Wow- this post is filled with so much good stuff! I'm sorry that work has been so crazy busy! I am hoping that this week will be a lot less stressful for you! I love the bridesmaid dress you picked out- it will be gorgeous in silver! What a neat dinner you and Brian went out for! I am going to attempt to make homemade gnocchi again this weekend and this provided some great inspiration for me! Have fun at brunch!

  11. aaah, i'm going to tremont 647 for rest week next week!! you may have sold me on that appetizer :) Love those muffins, just made a variation for a guest post!!

  12. Work really does interfere with blogging! BooO!

  13. I agree...I'll be at work and thinking about what I could be blogging about! Maybe an addiction....but it's a good one :)

    And that yogurt looks yummy :)

  14. I've been meaning to go to Tremont 647. Glad to hear your positive review!
    And those mini muffins look amazing!!! I'm saving this recipe for sure!

  15. Work DOES interfere with blogging! I wish I could stay steady with my posts: but I try whenever I can!

  16. Another delicious weekend of food for you!

    I like the black dress you picked out.

    Congrats on the run. You're improving!!!