Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Steals and Deals!

The 411:
I got a great email from Tori Stuart, President and Founder of Zoe's Foods, you know the company that makes that awesome Granola!! They just opened the Zoe Foods Online Store to make it easier and more affordable to find and try Zoe’s Granola and Bars.Right now they are offering 30% off plus Free Shipping!!

Check out this site to get your discounted Zoe's Goodness!!

They are also offering brand-new sampler packs! Each includes an assortment of Zoe’s Granola and Bars with free shipping from $5.99 to $12.99.

I've been enjoying a box of Zoe's Honey Almond Granola for a while's sweet and crunchy and goes awesome on oats or in Yogurt!

I also have a box of Zoe's bars that was sent to me! I have been tasting them and will have that review soon!
  • Missy Maintains also has an awesome contest for some Erin's Baker's Products!! I want them all!!
On to the Parties in My Mouth!!

First there was a small item of leftover food from the Brunch at my Aunts this past Sunday

Mini openface shrimp sandwich! One of my aunts made these. She took 1/2 of a small dinner roll and spread with a homemade tarragon chive mayo! Then placed a piece of Bibb lettuce, tomato slice, avocado slice, and shrimp sliced lengthwise (there are 3 slices = 1.5 whole shrimp shown on that one). The whole thing was about the size of a tennis ball and packed with flavor!! That mayo had a kick to it!!

This was part of my random dinner Monday night after Hot Yoga!

Used the rest of my Kale that night too for some more Kale Chips!So easy and delicious!

Picked this melon up at Whole Foods on SundayIt's a Golden Honey Dew! Delicious honey dew taste with an almost white flesh!
This is such a refreshing and delicious melon!! I think I am going to dig this out of my lunch bag right now :)

I must say I have been enjoying the chicken we grilled up Sunday all week!! That marinade is incredible.

Here's an example of lunch from yesterday...
My favorite GO-TO soupI LOVELOVELOVE this soup!! The sweetness from the red peppers makes it almost taste like old school Campbells!

I also love to add theseAs a crunchy garnish for my soup!!

I always mix in veggies to the soup...this time it was frozen peas and some baby Spin! Along with 2 pieces of marinated grilled chicken, and 1/2 of a mini Flat Out toasted with Havarti cheese inside. I think Havarti is my new fav obsession.
Water in my POM glass at work (in the kitchen)

Packed up these babies for Today's breakfast (Plain), and Yesterday's snack (Peach)Finally a Strawberry-tastic Oat Mix:Bulleted List
  • Serving of Steel Cut Oats (1/4 oats, 1/4 c. water, 1/4 c. skim, 1/4 c van. soy, salt) I had made 2 servings Monday night
  • heated with 1 banana, extra water, and 1 tsp Apricot preserves
  • 4 strawberries
  • sprinkle coconut and Bare Naked fruit and nut granola
  • 3 choc. chips
  • spoon white choc. wonderful!
AMAZING! I think the fresh berries go better with Steel cut oats because they remind me more of a dessert texture like rice pudding :)Busy with work busy with life!! I am making most of the food for my friends Bridal Shower Brunch this Saturday so there will be A LOT of cooking and baking between now and Saturday 11AM E.S.T.!! Haha. Can't waut


  1. I have never had a Zoe's product! It is quite the buzz right now- I will have to look for some or maybe I will place an order online :)

    mmmm Melon. I have a feeling one of these is going to jump in my cart this weekend!

    I also always mix in additional veggies into store bought soup- makes it more filling and delicious!

    What a great/fun weekend you have ahead of you!

  2. Thanks for the tip on Zoe's discounts. Looking forward to your review of those bars!
    Enjoy your brunch this weekend. Hope you take lots of pictures so we feel like we were all there :)

  3. I have a Zoe's bar sitting in my bar drawer that I've never used - I need to eat it soon!!

    LOVE honey dew!!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Love your blog!!

  5. Tarragon chive mayo sounds amazing. Paired with shrimp and avocado?!? Even more amazing.

    I love all your eats, and I've only heard good things about that Trader Joe's soup. I should pick some up next time I'm there.

    Love Zoe's granola - it's my favorite, but kind of hard to find. I should order some online with their special offer!

    Thanks for the link love. :)

  6. your soup + add ins look great! my only prob with those soups is i can never have 4 servings in 7-10 just never happens!

  7. Love your blog! I feel like we have the same philsophy on food.

    The red pepper soup looks great, I did the same thing the other day with Pacific's roasted carrot soup. Great idea with the bagel chips, yum!

  8. omg that shrimp situation looks ridic! As does everything else! Ugh hot yoga why am I STILL threatening and not doing it!!!!!? Have a great weekend!

  9. the shrimp looks incredible. I totally want to try a Zoe's product!

    you turned me on to that soup and it rocks.

    have so much fun this weekend - cant wait to see what you make...

  10. I love Zoes granola as well.

    And the fact that she is a woman owned company who sees the VALUE in us bloggers!!


  11. I just received the Zoe's "Super Sampler" package that I ordered last week... what a fantastic deal for $14! Niiice.