Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eating Sunshine!!

As I was looking over my pictures of the food I've eaten recently there seems to be somewhat of a them...COLOR!!
Apparently I really like orange/yellow/redish foods :)...hence Sunshine!

It all started with breakfast on Wednesday
That plate would be:
  • 1 slice GH nine grain bread, toasted, with Barney Butter, banana, and raspberry fruit spread
  • extra banana
  • cantaloupe chunks
  • Delish! The melon was super juicy.
Lunch followed the theme thoroughlyHere we have:
  • the last piece (heel) of the nine grain bread, toasted with American cheese
  • TJ's Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup (with spinach mixed in...hey its GREEN!)
  • pieces of a Joseph's low carb pita to go with...
...more orangeSabra Roasted Red Pepper hummus and carrots!! Orange Orange and more Orange!

Apparently I couldn't even escape the color scheme with dinnerI was feeling a little better so I hit the gym...did about 33 min on the step mill (sweaty!!) and a few strength training exercises.

For dinner I had a little over half of my salmon from my dinner salad at the Cheesecake Factory from the other night.

I broke it up and added:
  • light mayo
  • dijon mustard
  • capers
  • red onion
  • celery salt
Then formed a patty and cooked in a pan with a little canola oil spray. This was quite delicious!!Didn't stay together too well, but I ate it with a knife and fork on a half of a Sandwich Thin topped with sliced pickles!! Served with steamed summer squash and half of a sweet potato.

I guess it was Orange Wednesday because I finally broke the trend this morning!!A Classic:
  • 1 container of Chobani 0% Plain
  • Strawberries and BLUE berries!
  • about 1/4 of the Almond Country Square
  • 1 Kashi Heart to Heart waffle
  • REAL maple syrup drizzzzzzzle
I love how frozen waffles smell like the real thing...I mean they taste great but they really have that waffley smell...mmmm...makes me want a real Belgium waffle!!

I swear, Emergen-C is my SAVIOR!! I am kicking this cold A$$! I felt the sickness coming on and so far have kept it at bay (just a minor sore throat, which isn't even bothering me right now). Doesn't help that EVERYONE else is sick.

Do you have any personal remedies that you SWEAR works for cold and other ailments?? Once I feel a cold coming on I start pounding the Emergen-C and Echinacea tea!! Many of my aunts and cousins swear by this Mushroom extract stuff...but it was like $35 a bottle and I was not about to spend that on something that MIGHT work haha, but they think its a miracle drug!

Tomorrow is Giveaway Time!!! I am very excited for my first giveaway...AND I already have another one set up for second giveaway next week!


  1. Great eats! I haven't had cantaloupe in forever ever! Yum! So glad you're feeling better and I cannot wait for the giveaways! What fun

  2. Loveee kashi waffles :) I think I might be feelin them for breakfast again kudos to you!

  3. You always make me want waffles!

    I am excited for your giveaway. :D

  4. Beautiful Colors, now I want waffles =)

  5. Yum! I *love* eating by color!

    I also love how you served your waffles--very appealing presentation:)

  6. I can never decide between banana or jam with my pb...haha you're a genius :D I agree with the Emergen-C..i will use a TINY bit of water- so it's like a "shot", and same with Airborne- i'm glad they are helping u!!

  7. Both of your breakfasts look PRETTY PRETTY! :)

  8. orange things taste delicious...and i love that yogurt/waffle bowl!! Yum!

    Yay for giveaways, can't wait!

  9. i really really really am in love with all your waffle creations. I seriously need to get me some just to copy you...yummmy!!

  10. I don't do anything different when I feel a cold coming on. Just try and make sure I get enough fluids, rest, eat good foods. There isn't much point in taking things like Emergen-C because vitamin C is water soluble, so you are just excreting all the extra you are intaking anyways. I think it has alot more of a placebo affect than any actualy scientific affect. But if it does help you feel better, then go for it.

  11. Hi Bridget!

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