Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yay Computer! (and I don't say that often)

This is my first time posting from my recently FIXED Laptop!!! My WONDERFUL fiance bought me a new hard drive and spent a long time this past weekend installing it and getting my computer back up and running...Yay Brian!!!

A Delicious Baked Good

Unfortunately I cannot take credit for these...My roommate once again made a FABULOUS batch of Ellies Cherry Walnut Bars!

The first time she made them I wasn't in love, but now I can't get enough!! I think she's tweaked the recipe a bit...I know she adds more applesauce. Funny thing was that she bought the Quaker 1-minute oats this time and thought she bought the wrong ones but I read the recipe again and it does call for quick oats...she didn't know the 1-minute oats were the quick oats...silly roomie. That must be why this batch tastes EXCEPTIONALLY good!Seriously...MAKE THESE!!

Delicious NON baked good...
Why didn't anyone tell me how AWESOME this flavor is!?!?! Like I really think it may be my FAVORITE as of right now!! I was hesitant because I wasn't wild about the Lemon Larabar...thought the lemon was too strong/harsh tasting. This, however, was so subtle with the creaminess of the cashews and coconut...all the flavors went SO well together!

I told you I bought like 4 kinds when I finally found these bad boys!!

I just enjoyed a Flat Out Spinach wrap for was actually my packed lunch but we had lunch bought for us at work today...sweet!

It started with a simple turkey/cheese/spinach wrapHowever, I also ate this yesterday for lunch, and was bummed that I really couldn't taste the wonderful Havarti Dill cheese on my wrap!!

So tonight I ripped off a piece of wrap and put the cheese in there, and the turkey and spinach in the rest of it.Took that little piece of wrap and cheese and threw it into the toaster...Mmmmm...melty. Way better than eating it all together! On the side I had some leftover veggies and dip from Superbowl Sunday.

For dessert I remembered I still had a few Starbucks treats from Saturday that I took in my doggie bag to go!! So I enjoyed a little bite of Raspberry Scone and a sliver of Low Fat Cinnamon Coffee cake with a hot cup of Decaf Green Tea...heaven.

And I leave you with some beautiful colorful strawberries and grapes from my afternoon snacky

As expensive as the produce is at Whole can always count on it to be really fresh and yeah I splurge sometimes ;0


  1. OMG those cherry walnut bars look heavenly!

    Everyone got the Anthropologie mug! I asked for it for Christmas and didn't get it! :(

    Love yours thought! Yay for the computer being fixed!

  2. Yay, I'm glad the computer got fixed!

    Your wrap looks ahhhmazing!

  3. Glad your computer was fixed. Wow, cherry walnut bars look delicious! I love walnuts, they are so incredibly good! :) As for the Lara bars, I have heard so much about them but never tried them. Perhaps I should try them one day!

  4. mmm the cherry walnut bars look amazing! The spinach flat outs are my favorite kind! Glad the computer is back.

  5. Yay for a fixed laptop :)
    I love that flavor too. It's so hard to find though!

  6. Bars, Larabar, fruit = delish!!

    Working computer = hooray!!

    Martha Stewart Living magazine = love it!! :-D

  7. I love the key lime pie flavor larabar! and those ellie krieger bars look incredible. I need to make them.

  8. I just bought that larabar yesterday! I can't wait to try it. :)

    Great idea for the wrap in the toaster. That sounds perfect-o!


  9. Yay for Brian, now we can have our Bridget back ;)

    Those bars look scrumptious! WFs produce just can't be beat!

  10. I agree, the key lime larabar is way better than the lemon one. I love lemon, but I thought that bar was kinda like eating cleaner. Key Lime, on the other hand, was awesome :D

    I wish I could find the spinach flatouts here...maybe one day they will carry them.

  11. those EK bars have been on my list!! and now i'm totally craving a key lime lara bar :)

  12. You bought the Martha! Don't you love the cupcake and Valentine spread?

  13. Glad your computer is cooperating now with the new hard drive!
    I'm definitely going to make those bars - I have the book and I love Ellie!
    Where did you find the flat out wraps? Everyone has been raving about them but I haven't seen them around here...