Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring? Is that you??

It was so gorgeous out today here around Boston! It was in the 50's and sunny and glorious! Out of habit I still had my down jacket on and got pretty hot at some points...woops. You know what else this weather made me want??

Oh you know...Oh yeah baby! That's a small cup of PB yogurt and chocolate chip cookie yogurt from J.P. Licks in Harvard Square. The roomie and I just could not resist the creamy cold deliciousness. The Choc. chip cookie yogurt is like cookie dough but with actual baked cookies mixed in, not dough :)

J.P. Licks was actually our last stop of the evening. We hit up the Paper Source to pick up supplies to make invites to our friends bridal shower...yay for crafts this weekend!!

Then we were starving for dinner...and walked by this place!
I was craving pizza actually, so this sounded Perfect!

The Stone Hearth Pizza Co.
"The company’s commitment to sourcing sustainable, organic and, whenever possible, local ingredients ensures a superior product, supports family farming, protects natural resources and strengthens local economies."
Choosing a pizza was easy:Doesn't that Farm Fresh sound AMAZING?!

It was...We ordered it on Whole Wheat Crust too!! I love when there are crust options :)
Talk about pizza with ZERO guilt! This tasted so fresh and good-for-me. I will say it didn't quite hit my pizza craving as there was no tomato sauce (sometimes you just need the classic), but this was FABULOUS! I can't wait to try another pizza from here again!

Other Fun Treats

I made sure to pack little Cadbury Egg treats for today and tomorrow (I usually pack to stay at Brian's on Wednesday's, but he's sick so I'm back here tonight)2 perfect 4-egg servings!

I also had a killer dessert last night. Remember those crepes I bought at WF's last week??

Well I broke them out, and the fasted filling I could muster up was to take a chunk of mini marshmallows (they were stuck together), and broke off a few pieces from my Dark Chocolate Godiva Santa from Christmas and into the microwave they went.

I recall from my many days of making s'mores in the microwave at home (mom and I loved those), that the marshmallows would puff up quickly and in turn melt the chocolate on contact!

I put this in the crepe...rolled the bad boy up and devoured.Mmmm best bite in the middle...oozey chocolate!

"B" Tea...a mix of Teavana Earl Grey Creme and Earl Grey White
Love from the Mailbox!

I received my super sweet Secret Blogger Valentine!!! It was from Sara over at EatFabInNyc

She compiled a bunch of sweet little treats for me to enjoy...
  • Sour Patch Kids (obsessed with these)
  • 2 Lindt Truffles
  • 2 Chai Tea bags
  • a popcorn treat
  • Chocolate Raspberry Luna Bar!!
  • KEY LIME PIE LARABAR (my current FAV!!)
  • Starbucks Gift Card!!!!! (I'm ALWAYS looking for those :)
Thank you SO much Sara!!

My other mailbox love was hard copies of some of my engagement pics that Brian and I did back in October :)Now I can distribute to the parents haha! Plus some for me to frame :)


  1. Great combo with the Crepes! My dad's an Engineer :) I actually worked there for 2 years doing AutoCAD drafting, just stopped after Christmas actually. What a coincidence ! Thanks again girl, you rock!

  2. Such yummy food for the day! Although your getting great weather, our's has turned. It's so cold! I can't even imagine ice cream! take care!

  3. must try that pizza :) and jp licks!!

  4. You know I clicked on the engagement pics. to make them bigger because I'm nosey like that. Why are you two so cute? I love your tall boots.

    Also, I think pizza + ice cream is the best dinner option!

  5. aww i like the package she sent you. i still haven't received mine yet. i hope my cupid didn't forget about me

  6. cute picture! and yay for secret cupid!!!!

  7. this pizza post was so inspring to read. thanks bridget!

    and ps i am so happy the exchange worked well for u, and to see u happy. thats my goal girl!! :-) xoxoxox

  8. Awww your engagement pics look super cute! What a great day! Yummy to the ice cream! The pizza also looks awesome! The crust looks doughy and amazing!

  9. Amaaaazing eats, treats, and photo!! :-D

  10. Sour Patch Kids used to be my absolute FAVORITE!

  11. Glad you liked :) I tried to look through your blog and figure out your favorites. Love your blog, can't wait to un-lurk now! How exciting about your engagement pictures!!!

  12. What a fantastic idea to enjoy J.P. Licks during this spring-like weather we're having! I'll have to check out that pizza place.

  13. Yay for all the treats in your mailbox!

    That pizza looks beyond amazing! I always put the same boring toppings on any pizza I make - I think I need to branch out! :)

  14. Gorgeous engagement pictures!! What a fun package :)

    That pizza?! AMAZING!

  15. Your eats from out and in sound great! And looks like you got lucky with your Vday package... yay :)

  16. That yogurt looks great!!
    I would have ordered that pizza too :)

    And yay for fun mail!!

  17. I feel like I say this all the time to you, but everything you eat - I WANT. seriously.

    that pizza place sounds perfect to me. need to find one like that in Baltimore!

  18. Only a small cup of Ice cream!!! I dont think I could be so restrained!

  19. i looove jp licks! and that pizza place looks amazing!!! is it in harvard sq as well? i'll have to check it out! great crepe concoction! yummyyy! i looove s'mores :) hehe have a great day lovely!

  20. That is a beautiful looking pizza. And the fro-yo sounds pretty awesome too.

  21. WOW! all your food sounds so delicious.
    especially the pizza - not too much cheese!

  22. Amazing!! I'm so glad u got your fro yo, FINALLY! :D Did u get my email?? I hope so they are fun games!

  23. Wow, that pizza looks sooo delicious. And your package is adorable ; )


  24. I got my friends that bug for christmas and I have the J mug. from Anthropolgie, right?