Monday, February 9, 2009

Rest of the Weekend

I didn't want to cloud my post about Fore Street with any other weekend eats; it needed its very own post! That's not to say the rest of the weekend wasn't just as fab though.

On our way up to Portland, ME we stopped in Portsmouth, NH! Reminds me of college (we both went to 15min from Portsmouth). We walked around the shops, most of which we know like the back of our hands.

I was, however, very excited when they added this last year: Le Roux Kitchen! I have only ever been to the one on Martha's Vineyard, so I don't expect to go there otherwise. This place is like Williams Sonoma meets Sur La Table meets a gourmet food shop!

I sampled a little specialty olive oil and vinegarI tried a little taste of Blood Orange Olive Oil, and totally would of bought some, but I am trying to cut back on those impulse purchases :)
It would be awesome in a salad dressing...really refreshing. Then I tasted some white balsamic vinegar which honestly would of gone PERFECTLY with the Blood Orange Olive Oil! Holy amazing salad dressing in the making!

Well that was it lunch time yet??

I was super excited for lunch at Red Hook!! Oh this place brings back so many memories...21st birthday dinner in which I was the ONLY one not drinking beer as I drank WAY too much at midnight the evening before...oh college, how I miss you!

The inside reminds me of a modern-ish ski lodgeI wasn't actually in the mood for beer but I had a few sips of Brian's
They had a special version of their regular Black was cask conditioned with vanilla and coconut! I didn't really taste coconut, but this dark beer was SO smooth and a little sweet. Towards the end of the glass you really got wiffs of a vanilla extract type scent!

The item I was most looking forward to was the tap room tenders. Now I know I've blogged about these before, but they are SO worth mentioning again!They are GRILLED chicken tenders with an amazing tangy buffalo sauce and the best blue cheese dressing to dip!

By the time my meal arrived I wasn't too hungry but I still dove in for a little bit
Pulled Pork!! Incredible. I had lots of leftovers and it was just as delicious on Sunday.

I then asked for a sample for their new Spring Ale: Copper was crisp and refreshing!Perfect Bridget Size Amount :)


So apparently Spring decided to show up for a day or two...THANK YOU!! Brian and I took advantage and went for the first outdoor run I've been on since Christmas morning! I'm still not really "feeling it" as far as running goes, but I have a long way to go!

The best part about the weather (besides the run)...Iced Coffee!!
Ahhhhh...tastes like summer :)

We then had a fun filled day working on our Registries at Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn :) Yay!!!

I then did 5 loads of laundry and my mom even brought over dinner! She made a family classic...Spanish Steak. Apparently this was a favorite dish of my GREAT grandfather!! Don't be fooled by the name, I'm pretty sure the only "Spanish" part of this is the "Spanish" olives haha. I don't have the exact recipe but its like a stew, based with Campbell's Tomato Soup...onions, bell peppers, carrots, olives, beef...deliciousness.
True comfort food...and served with an OVEN baked potato. Now I know there's no magic to baked potatoes, but when I grew up this was the ONLY time we'd have baked potatoes from the oven...since the stew bakes in the oven as well.

She also brought Willow :) And yes I did let her lick my plate clean when I was done...yeah yeah gross, whatever...I can never resist that face.


  1. What a delicious weekend! UNH is fun. Isn't the nice warm weather great.

  2. I love those gourmet food stores- but HATE the prices and fancy food that u never knew u needed :D Sounds like such a fun weekend, my cousin is getting married in march and she is LOVING using that little gun at all her fave stores haha!

  3. That sounds like a fun weekend!! C&B and Pottery Barn?! NICE PICKS!

  4. Le Roux Kitchen sounds like such a fun store to visit!