Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Used To Eat What?!?!

Did you ever think back in time and say to yourself "I can't believe I used to eat that!?" I sure do haha! This also makes me think of all the different foods I was introduced to when I went off to college. After reading so many of your "personal stories" about how you came about to be healthier and reach your goals whether it be fitness/weight loss/better nutrition...etc, a lot of us started these life changes after high school...and even then after college!

I thought it would be fun to re-hash some of my favorite treats from back in the day. These were a few reasons why I was on side for a good portion of my childhood. I'd say I started to acknowledge and "feel fat" around middle school. When I look back I wasn't that over weight, but I wasn't really into sports, and other than dance, I didn't get much physical activity.

Lets look at some of the treats I recall enjoying when I'd get home from school (mind you I already at a lunch at school).
Oh man, I used to LOVE Chef Boyardee meals!!! Those ravioli and beefaroni and spaghetti and meatballs!! Mmmmm...and god knows I ate the whole thing. I think I stopped eating this maybe around junior year of HS.
Of course I had a snack size bag-o-chips in my lunch probably everyday...thank goodness these were pre-portioned, but I probably had another when I got home:\

Oh yeah and I NEVER ate breakfast until I got to college...I just was NOT hungry that early in the morning.
How could you NOT like Dunkaroos!! Little cookies with frosting to dip!! This was especially yummy to me because NO one in my family uses canned frosting to have the "fake" stuff was so fun for me.Ah yes, I remember these well...and I specifically remember like these ones WAY better than the classic Handi-Snacks. The cheese was much better in this brand :)

This next snack may have followed me to college...but THANKFULLY I treated it as a rare occasion...because even the High School version of myself knew this was RICH!
Mmmmmmm...neon orange cheese squeezed from a packet to melt into delicious shells. Is it bad I am now craving this?? Haha! Oh Velveta, what are you made of...creamy orange crack?


So if these weren't bad enough...when I got to college obviously I am surrounded by new people with food choices of their own and who am I not to try out these new creations! First there was Erin, my roommate all 4 years. She opened my eyes to a few being Ranch Dressing, specifically this brand:Now, I've obviously had ranch before...carrots, know. BUT, she brought it to a whole new level...the first was Turkey meat, between two slices of soft white bread, cut into strips. Then each bite was dipped into ranch...A-MAZ-ING...damn her!! haha.

Again, I weened off the Ranch during college and haven't done that in a looong time...mostly because I just don't buy it :)

Did you think I could have a post about college food without Ramen!!? I think not.

I may have had this a few times before going off to college, but it wasn't a part of my normal food routine until then. How can you pass up deliciously salty, microwave-friendly, 10 for $1 meals!?

One would how bad could noodles and seasoned broth really be, right? OY! Well first of all 1 packet is NOT 1 serving...but the way I learned to make it (less water, so its more noodle less soup...delicious)...was definitely 1 serving for 14 grams of fat, almost 400 calories, and 2/3 of my daily sodium needs...haha!

Again I weened off this as well...

**My eating and exercise habits started drastically improving Sophomore year...the year I started loosing most of these "bad" foods were consumed freshman year.
Dammit Erin!! I never even looked at Stove Top before her. My family always makes homemade stuffing and its AWESOME! I was a stuffing snob :) But these canisters of Stove Top turned into my FAVORITE comforting snack (plus it was my first choice for late night drunk food!). I'd take a serving of stuffing, little water, tiny bit of butter...microwave for 1 minute, stir, add 1 slice of American Cheese, heat for 30sec - 1 min longer..stir...enjoy!! Hot, gooey, cheesey, salty amazingness.

This habit took a little longer to break...I still had the occasional Stove Top fix a year after graduation...but haven't touched it since!

I guess I was a stroganoff snob too mom makes a mean chicken stroganoff, and we never bought any type of Hamburger Helper, ever. Boy was I missing out. I can thank...who else...Erin, for this one too.

I still enjoy this from time to time...but I've found a much better versionThank goodness for Annies!

Another Annie's staple that I've still carried through the years (but only 2 or 3 times a year) is
Mmmmm I should make this soon. You know the BEST part of Annie's shells and cheese...cold leftovers!! My roommate and I LOVE the cold leftovers. I remember one day this past summer we were sweating our butts off in the apt and all we wanted was COLD Annie's...too bad it was much too hot to turn on the stove :)

I had an AMAZING 4 years at the University of New Hampshire and wouldn't change anything. It's funny to look back and see all these food habits I picked up...and most have come and gone as I've learned to eat healthier.

Another great part of being involved in the "blog community" is that I've picked up more new food habits...although this time they are healthy and will stick around for a loooong time I think.

What are some foods you used to love and now can't imagine eating??

I had a lot of fun with this post!

Oh and don't worry I'm still friends with Erin...I'm in her wedding in June and she's in mine!


  1. Oh man, Dunkaroos - I loved those!! :-D

  2. haha Omgosh I loved this post! I second Veggiegirl, those Dunkaroos, definitely brough back some did the "handi-snacks!" Oh childhood...

    My friends and I used to make MASSIVE batches of "Puppy Chow" I'm sure you've heard of it-chex mix, chocolate, and peanut butter, all coated in powdered sugar--um yesss can you say heaven? I don't want to know how many pounds of the stuff we downed throughout high school!

  3. haha OMG best post Bridget! In high school, our caf sold freshly baked cookies- 3 for a dollar! No joke every day at 10:30 am i ate three, no sharing! I had lunch, then at home a second lunch which was cup o noodles or a frozen meal, or fast food :D Then senior year my bff and i got in the habit of ditching after lunch to go to coldstones and the beach! I honestly miss those carefree days sometimes :D But i'm sure my body is happier now with treats once in a while...have a great day girl!

  4. What a fun post! I used to eat almost everything on your list - I've never had StoveTop or HamburgerHelper, but I'm sure I've had plenty of other horrible things!

    #1 worst thing ever: Rotel Cheese Dip (block of Velveeta melted w/ a can of Rotel tomatoes) served with endless amounts of tortilla chips!

    #2 STARBUCKS - we had one in our library and could use our meal plans to purchase endless amounts of VENTI Full fat, full sugar, whipped cream frappucinnos. I used to get one almost every time I had a late night study session. Bring on the freshman 15-20! :)

    Fun post!
    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  5. Dunkaroos!! I think they only make them in Canada now :(

    Old school eats for me: at lunch during high school I ALWAYS had (I was a repetitive eater then too) cheese and crackers, a diet coke, and then a MASSIVE cookie that my school would bake right before lunch. My bfast choise: Quaker chewy granola bar.

  6. Little Debbies!!! My mom used to put them in my lunch as a kid and in high school they sold them during our morning "break" and they were some giant jumbo size, but I loved them. I don't know how I was still thin...I remember my dance team coach sitting us down and explaining that 280 calories and 20g of fat plus tons of sugar was not a healthy morning snack!

  7. What a fun post! I think more about the stuff I didn't eat than the things I did (not nearly enough fruits and veggies, too much diet soda, etc).

  8. LOL, i still love cheetos :-/ but i rarely eat them... oh dunkaroos, this is too funny!!!

  9. My friend and I used to share a HUGE bag of Lay's Sour Cream and Onion chips after school. We would also eat chicken nuggets dipped in ranch, mustard, and BBQ sauce.

    I agree with others that life was much simpler not knowing!

  10. I pretty much ate all of that stuff in college and a few years after. I remember coming home drunk in college and making the velveeta shells and cheese. ahh - memories. :)

  11. haha - this is funny! When I went to college I started eating ramen, spagetti-ohs and ... luncahbles. Gross!

  12. i used to loveee cheetos! they were the best ever and then you got to lick the cheese off your fingers. oh man. in college i ate SOO SOO bad! in high school i would split a 6 pack of mini chocolate donuts with my friend every day, and we woudl eat get a cup of french fries.

  13. Oh my, way too many of those foods are familiar! I totally ate those "breadsticks" and "cheese" sauce. I also remember Pop Tarts (ew!), Lunchables!!! (so gross), and yes, oh, the top ramen. Those were the days. Part of me misses that stuff but most of the time I am so glad it's not in my body anymore!
    Really a fun post!

  14. I just found your blog and love it! When are you getting married?

  15. I was inspired by you, Elie, and Tina at CNC to make my own granola bars this afternoon, and I was NOT disappointed. So delicious and waaaayyy better than any boxed granola bar could ever be. I used almonds, walnuts, dried cranberries, milk, cinnamon, Splenda (to save calories, as I'm eating about 1250 per day right now) and Old Wessex 5 Grain Cereal. Yummers! Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Bridget, this post was so much fun to read!!

    its all about making food with friends-consider yourself lucky that you had that! from my perspective, it maybe tough to understand but i dont think i will ever be that uninhibited and it makes me kinda sad i wont exprience college that way-going crazy and being carefree. recovery has just made me so aware of food i couldnt allow myself. but dunkaroos were a fo-sho in high school!

  17. Great post, Bridget! I remember loving Doritos after school. Not so much now, but it's funny to think about. Oh yeah...Dunkaroos were great! I still love icing.


  18. i was definitely guilty of eating dunkaroos a lot!!! also, sour punch straws, Ritz Bit sandwiches, and lunchables...sounds gross now, but i l used to love them!

  19. I could put away those packs of 20 chicken nuggets from McDonald's when I was five. Of course I was comatose and unable to eat for the rest of the day, but I think that there's no gastronomical equal to four month old chicken of dubious origin deep fried and dipped in BBQ sauce. And the approximation of vegetables they call French fries, of course.

    (And it's really ironic that the word verification I got this time was "sated". Heehee.)

  20. Poptarts, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and Krispy Kreme!

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