Monday, November 3, 2008

When Do Things Slow Down

I shouldn't complain because I would much rather be busy than bored...BUT, I would really like a few days without having something looming over my head. We have a big deadline at work on Thursday, so I have been super busy lately and even went into work last night to get in some more time at work! Even this past weekend felt crazy...I'll admit some of the business of the weekend was personal (and fun) things, but something has to give when there's not enough time to do it all. Lately, for me, that has been exercise (and blogging). I just have had no gym time in many days...I hate that! But if it comes down to sleep or workout, I'm gonna have to go with sleep...I need my zzzzz's.

At least my food is still on track :)

Breakfast was a small amount of TJ's Greek Yogurt, banana, blueberries, homemade granola, and a drizzle of maple syrup!

I ate breakfast earlier than usual (probably because I got to work over an hour early!) So I had a Sargento Colby cheese snack around 11. Then for lunch I started with a mug of my mom's homemade chicken soup! It was so warm and comforting...chicken, veggies (carrots, celery, broccoli, green beans), some barely and a few noodles.
About an hour later I went back for my sweet potato, "baked" it in the microwave, and topped it with some butter and syrup...
This was another warm and comfy treat...which was needed today (it was FREEZING this morning).

I snuck in a few starbursts (gotta love peoples leftover Halloween candy), and some fruit. I worked late then made a medley of things for a quick dinner.

The first items in my mouth when I walked in were a couple pickles and a few bites of seafood salad from my trip to Russo's yesterday,
This is the only seafood salad I will's amazing...and just a tiny bit of flavorful!

I then heated up a bowl of:
Along with some Brussel sprouts cooked in a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and a piece of garlic bread toast on double protein bread!
I also added some frozen corn to the soup. This soup is so creamy and delicious...reminds me of the old school Campbell's tomato soup but with the subtle roasted red pepper flavor coming through ever slightly. Would of been perfect with grilled cheese, but we really don't have much of a cheese selection right now!? How is that possible??!

Keeping with the "I'm Freezing" theme, I made a big mug of green tea with an almond biscotti and 2 whoppers for dessert.
Time to log into my work computer for another fun evening...thank god the deadline is Thursday, just in time for my Birthday on Friday...hopefully THEN I can relax a little :)


  1. Girl, you KNOW that I understand your situation completely - although I embrace my busy, on-the-go-and-never-stop lifestyle, it WOULD be nice to have some downtime :0)

    Love your eats!!

    Have a lovely evening!!

  2. Ah! You posted so many foods I love! Sweet potatoes, pickles, and brussels! All looks good! I hope after Thursday you get some relief!

  3. Well, you're doing a great job with fresh, good foods in the busy work time. It's one day closer to Thursday - hang in there. What do you do for work?

  4. Good luck on all your work stuff!

    You're doing great eating healthy despite the busy schedule! :D

  5. I want to eat a bunch of this stuff from your post. It all sounds perfect. Specifically, mom's homemade chicken soup, sweet potato, brussels, roasted red pepper soup, garlic bread toast and homemade granola. YUM

  6. That seafood salad looks amazing!

    Whoppers are my favorite candy! I always see those Strawberry Whoppers at Target, and want to try them - but I know I can't buy them because I'll eat the whole container! :)

  7. great eats despite the business!! hope things calm down for you a little!
    your bday is friday?!? mine's next wednesday :D
    that soup for tj's is one of my favorites- i also love the butternut squash!
    i have yet to try a brussel spout that wasn't previously frozen...
    enjoy your night!