Thursday, November 6, 2008

I hate deadlines

Phew...I JUST finished up a big project for work, and out the door it went...Thank Goodness!!! This week has been TIRING!! I've been working from about 7am-7pm, and sometimes logging in to my work computer from home later at blogging, no gym...I hate when it gets like this! Luckily not too often...and thankfully now I can enjoy my night and my Birthday tomorrow!! I was able to get some pictures here and there, so here is a hodge podge of my food from the past two days or so....

In no particular order:

Lunch yesterday was more of the TJ's Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper soup with some corn and summer squash mixed in

Along with the soup I had some more seafood salad
And tied it all together with sprouted wheat toast spread with lite laughing cow garlic and herb cheese!
Yesterday's breakfast was oats!!

1/3 cup oats
1/3 cup milk and 1/3 cup water
salt and vanilla
1/2 banana
Maple Pecan granola
maple syrup drizzle
white chocolate PB!!!

This is a shot of my mixed salad from lunch...just green leaf lettuce, cucumber, carrots, orange pepper, tomato, bagel chip "croutons" and Annie's lite honey mustard dressing. With this I also had a low carb tortilla with a small can of tuna, laughing cow cheese, and sliced tomato...toasted.

Today for breakfast it was more TJ's Greek yogurt, banana, blueberries, Maple pecan granola and syrup drizzle!

The most exciting thing though, is Holiday drinks at Starbucks!!! I ordered a grande skim cappuccino with 1 pump gingerbread syrup...mmm Christmasy!!!

They also have their AWESOME advent calendars out which me and the roomie get every year...its so fun opening the little doors and finding yummy chocolate! I REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS :)
Tonight my mom, roomie (maid of honor) and I are going to a bridal event at a fancy hotel in Boston...should be fun! At least some free cake samples...hehe. See you tomorrow when I'm the big 2-6....oy officially in the decline towards 30...booo!! Oh well I still love birthdays.
I've missed you all these past couple days...I'll be sure to catch up on my reading tomorrow!


  1. Have fun at the bridal show and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day! You deserve it!!

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you; happy birthday, dear Bridget; happy birthday, to you!!!

    **repeat this tomorrow**

    Have an awesome time, girl!!!


  4. Have a happy birthday and enjoy the bridal show!!

  5. I can't believe starbucks already has the holiday flavors. What about Thanksgiving.

    Happy Birthday in advance.

  6. Happy birthday!!!

    Have fun at the bridal event! Those are fun... especially the cake samples :)


    have fun at the bridal expo :)

  8. happy birthday! (a day early) and have a great time at the bridal show!

    white chocolate PB - mmmmm - i looked the last time i was at the store and they had none or were all out. hopefully next time!