Monday, November 17, 2008

Great Monday

For a Monday, I have to say this was a pretty good day. Not that I've had bad days lately, but today just felt better. I'm sure part of the fact was that I had my annual review today and I got a raise :) yay! I also had a nice sweaty workout after work and last but certainly not least I had my amazing Border Cafe leftovers to look forward to when I got home.

First, breakfast... I bought a fruit salad from Whole Foods yesterday and used some of it in my Chobani Plain yogurt.

I used more than what's shown above, but there are only so many opportunities to get a picture in at work :)

Along with my yogurt I had a delicious slice of my Cranberry Orange Bread!!
For lunch I packed some things found around the kitchen.

Frozen veggies...Soycuttash (from TJ's - edamame, corn, red pepper) and some frozen peas :)
Hummus, a half of a pita ripped in pieces, and carrot sticksAnd finally...a microwaved "baked" sweet potato...with some smart balance and cinnamon sugar...
This turned out to be ALOT of food...the potato was pretty big, but delish! I couldn't finish all the veggies either.

The moment I've been waiting for... the fajitas!

Fajita #1:
The whole plate of leftover, from which I made another fajita, and ate my rice and beans
After this delectable dinner, all I wanted was dessert...but more specifically a warm dessert. Since there were no freshly baked chocolate chip cookies miraculously appearing in my kitchen...I remembered I had a box of pudding!

This is one of those childhood memory-type desserts. We used to have it once in a while, and always at the holidays because my mom used pudding in her Chocolate Cream pie and there was always leftovers for my dad and I.
Hot pudding of course...which when I got to college, hardly any of my friends had ever had cooked pudding, only instant!! If you've never had hot pudding, its such a comfort food...and when made with skim milk isn't that bad for you either!

I know its not the most "all natural" product, but its a rare treat.

I even found some questionably old vanilla ice cream in the freezer...the cold on the hot is amazing :)
To top it off its Gossip Girl night...yay Monday!


  1. Beautifully-colorful eats + Gossip Girl = hooray!! :-D

  2. Looks like a great day of eats! Sweet potatoes always fill me up soooo much! Hope you enjoyed your evening!

  3. yum yum :) i've made something like that soycutash, love it!!

  4. Mmm that succotash is so colorful! Very pretty eats :)

  5. Congrats on the raise! That's great news :)

    The cranberry bread is killing me!

  6. Wow, that pudding looks indulgent. Yum!

  7. that soycattash looks nice and salty and delish! ill have to grab some to try next time im out at tjs!

  8. Your cranberry bread looks really good! The slice is so colorful! :)

    I also love hot pudding, but my problem is that I always burn the bottom!

  9. love chocolate pudding pie! Will have to try it hot!

  10. Mercy maud! The pictures in this post were completely vibrant and beautiful. I was drooling over the cran orange bread pic, only to be followed by that fabulous edamame bowl - wow!

  11. Whoa, I've never thought of adding ice cream to pudding! That looks sooo yummy! :-) I love Teen Vogue too even though I'm not really in the target age range anymore. Lol. :-D

  12. Ooh I love that pudding and ice cream idea! Quite decadent.

  13. Wow, beautiful and delicious eats!