Friday, November 7, 2008

I heart cake...est. Nov 7, 1982

This is how out of it I was yesterday because of my busy busy week: I come home from work, and my mom is already over and her, rommie and I were going to a bridal event. I walk in, the usual greetings etc, put my stuff down, walk over to the fridge to put my leftover lunch stuff away, and notice my mom and roommate still just kind of watching me and laugh...THEN I look over and see THIS!Haha, it wasn't even like my back was to it, I guess I just never looked left, nor saw the glow from the candle. Then as I turned around more I saw some presents hehe. One from my grandmother...classic grandmother gift, some random tank top and shirt that my mom thinks was meant for one of my younger cousins and a couple pairs of underwear...high waist, high cut leg hahhaha! Although you gotta give her credit, she has 25 grandchildren, and 9 kids with spouses, and gets them all birthday and Christmas gifts!

Off to the bridal was at The Taj Boston hotel which was formerly the Ritz Carlton, very old style classic hotel. I remember going to tea with my mom there when I was little and having the most amazing hot chocolate I can remember; it tasted like melted chocolate bars. Even though I have most things for my wedding booked, its still fun to chat and get free stuff...esp cake samples. I ended up having about 4 passed hors d'ourves, and a little plate of veggies/antipasto items. Then of course a few bites of a couple different cakes. I even won a raffle prize! I got to pick out one of the bouquets on display from one of the florist vendors. I chose this:
It's all white peonies with little rhinestones here and there. Peonies are my FAVORITE, and since my wedding is in September they are not in season so it may be slim chances to being able to get them for my bouquet. Now if only I could somehow cryogenically (sp?) freeze this for 10 months!
For now they are fun birthday flowers.

When we got home my mom really wanted to cut the of course we did!
OH.MY.GOD. This was probably the BEST cake she has ever made....mmmm. All homemade from scratch of course, that's the only way anyone in my family makes dessert :)
Simple chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream....simply heaven! I only had a tiny bite because I had enough treats at the event, but I packed a little slice for today.

I treated myself to a Starbucks this morning with my new gift card (thanks mom!)
It wasn't cold this morning and I was in the mood for iced...tall nonfat double latte with 1 pump vanilla!

Breakfast was a big brimming cereal medley!Kashi Autumn Wheat, the last of the Go Lean Crunch, TJ's frosted wheat squares, and honey bunnies! Then topped with blueberries and a perfectly ripe banana (half).

So far a great day! Now I have to decide where I want to go to lunch with the co-workers...hmmm. Then tonight Brian is taking me to Blue Ginger...Ming Tsai's Restaurant! Very excited for that!!


  1. peonies are MY Favorite too!! happy birthday!

  2. that cake lokos unbelievably good - and those flowers are gorgeous!


    And I HEART MING TSAI...Total Hottie, right?! I cannot WAIT to hear all about your din! Have fun weetcho Mane <3

  4. Gorgeous cake and flowers for a special birthday girl!! :-D


    Looks like you had a great start to your birtjhday celebration! Have a great rest of the weekend celebrating :)

  6. Yayyyyyyy happy birthday! Glad the event was fun. Take lots of pics tonight!

  7. happy birthday, the flowers look so elegant!

  8. That cake looks amazing, I would recommend celebrating the 1/2 again in six months :)

  9. Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great time at the bridal show! Your grandma sounds so exciting for you! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  10. Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day :)

  11. happy birthday! we are two days (and, well..5 years!) apart! yay for november birthdays, especially early november birthdays---we rock! love the cake. wish i had cake on my birthday :( jealous!

  12. happy bday!!! fantastic cake :) horray for mom! have a great weekend!

  13. Ooooh look at that cake. It's like THE perfect chocolate cake!

    My best friend had peonies at her wedding. These are beautiful. :D