Friday, November 14, 2008

Much Needed Sleep

I had every intention of posting after I got home from work/gym last night. However, during my ride home I became SO borderline shouldn't of been driving tired. So I nixed the gym, and decided to go home and take an hour long nap or so. I laid down at 6pm, heard the roomie come home at some point, and then didn't wake up again til 1AM! Needless to say I just looked at the clock and fell back asleep, and woke up at 6AM this morning...thankfully on my own because I never set an alarm last night.

12HOURS!!! Apparently I really needed it. I have felt like I've been getting a little less sleep than normal the past week or so, and now it all caught up to me. Thank goodness I took out my contacts because I didn't even brush my teeth or wash my face...woops.

Needless to say I was STARVING by breakfast (never did eat dinner either). This morning I had 1 slice of Arnold Double Protein Bread, toasted, with PB and TJ's raspberry fruit spread. I also had a juicy half of grapefruit!
Yesterday's breakfast was a delightful cereal medley topped with 1/2 of a bananaThis medley contained:

- Kashi Autumn Wheat
- Kashi Vive
- PB Puffins!

I also enjoyed a grande skim Misto from Starbucks yesterday morning .
Luckily I have lunch pics from yesterday, because no such luck today...however my lunches this week have all been similar. Yesterday I had 3/4 of a sandwich...yes 3/4.

1/2 of a full sandwich made with double protein bread, Dijon mustard, honey roasted turkey, ham, American cheese, and tomato. However, I also had an extra half piece of bread lying around so I made that an open faced version. Here they are getting nice and toasty: I also had SPINACH! If you remember from my last post, I had a microwaveable bag of baby I steamed that up and ate it with balsamic vinegar. Seems odd, I ate almost the whole bag of spinach...yay vitamins!! I think I used to eat this when I was younger too...spinach and vinegar. The whole bag cooks down a lot...Great lunch! Just be careful not to take a big bite of vinegary spinach...stings if it goes down the wrong side!

I leave you with thisYummy post lunch treat today!

Off to one of my friends houses who just moved back from Cali!! Yay! She's also a bridesmaid. I think it may be a pizza and movie night...sounds awesome to me!


  1. As a lover of all things bread, your sandwich and PB and J slice for breakfast is making my mouth water!

    Pizza and movie night sounds great! Have fun :)

  2. Your breakfast looks sooooo luscious - holy yum.

    Enjoy your evening with your friend!! :-)

  3. Wow, delicious eats! Do you toast the bread in the toaster oven?

  4. wow - look at all that spinach! the sandwich looks great.

  5. Your eats look great! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. What a glorious sleep! Hope you had a nice time with your bridesmaid!