Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not-so-pretty bowls of food

As I was just looking over some pictures of my eats from today and yesterday, I realized there were many bowls of not-so-great looking food items. Delicious nonetheless, so I still had to show them...even the turkey chili!

Lets rewind to yesterday. For breakfast I had a nice hot bowl of steel cut oats. I made a batch this weekend, portioned them into bowls then added toppings before coming to work, heated at work with banana then ate!
I had the same this today, so I'll throw in both pics now!These bowls were made with 2/3 milk, 1/3 water (ratio not cups), and I added a small amount of apricot preserves (actually forgot this in today's bowl), dried cherries, chopped dried apricots, chopped walnuts, and half of a chopped banana for each day. After heating, I drizzled with a tiny bit of real maple syrup.

Lunch yesterday missed the camera because we had a "Lunch and Learn" at work...I was rushing to get to it.
My meal, however, was very similar to Monday's dinner... 1/2 ham and turkey sandwich, with American cheese, Dijon mustard, and tomato...toasted!

Along with my sandwich I had a salad with green leaf lettuce, broccoli slaw, cucumber, and tomato with Newman's Own light Caesar.

I had dance last night (class and rehersal), so before I left work I had a good snack: TJ's blueberry Greek yogurt, strawberries, and granola!
I also prepped my "dinner" that I eat in between class and rehearsal. Half of a PB&J and a LARGE appleI always look forward to that PB&J...mmmm. Rehearsal went til about 10! I am SO tired today, my coffee really hasn't helped.

This morning was my "Wednesday morning" when I pack two days worth of breakfast, lunch, and snacks because I usually stay at the fiance's. Here's my packed counter while prepping!Yum! This bread is awesome, and I will be having the spinach tomorrow.

Below is: bowl of turkey chili (left), oatmeal (right), cereal for tomorrow (top) and LARGE banana!
For today's lunch I had the chili, with some sour cream on the side, half of a slice of bread toasted with American cheese and tomato slices.
And a side salad....lettuce, broccoli slaw, tomato, and Annie's light Honey Mustard dressing.

Filling! I just had a mid afternoon snack (sans picture) of an Ellie's Walnut and Dried Cherry Bar that my roommate made. She's made them before, but this time doubled the apple sauce...I think it makes them even better, more moist! YUM!

Tonight Brian has a soccer game at 10PM!! Ugg! So late, I need a nap beforehand maybe :)


  1. I think all your bowls look great! I'm especially craving that bread, cheese, tomato combo you threw together - that looks delish!

  2. The food and bowls look great to me!! :-)

    Good luck watching the soccer game!! Stay awake!! :-D

  3. I like your pics of your food and bowls! What kind of dance do you do?

  4. I love the pics :)

    Have fun at the game! I certainly would need a nap ;)

  5. I think everything looks fabulous! Good job on all your prep work! Isn't making good/healthy stuff ahead of time so worth it??

    Have fun at the game tonight (even though its late!). I love watching Josh play sports!

  6. all i have to say is yum-i don't know what you are talking about when you say it doesn't look pretty!

  7. Its so hard to take a picture of food in a bowl and make it look good even though you new it was great. I think you did a great job adn the food still looks yummY!

  8. I like your pictures today. Not so pretty bowls of food are always delicious!

  9. Great job on packing up food for 2 days!
    Have a great day! :D

  10. your tomatoes looks so ripe and beautiful. nice of you to go to that late game! I played on a co-ed team awhile back and hated the late games during the week!

  11. I actually think your pictures look pretty good! Have you seen my overnight oatmeal lately? It looks horrific. :)

  12. yum everything looks so good! where'd you find such red tomatoes in november?!

  13. Bowl meals may not be pretty but they are delicious!

    I've added you to my blogroll, I hope you don't mind :) Happy Friday!

  14. I've learned to look beyond beauty and appreciate taste! :)