Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday: Beer Time!


It’s been a long and busy week for me!  My dance company show is next week so there has been many rehearsals and late nights for that…I cannot WAIT to sleep in tomorrow.  We also have a free night without the kid (the pup) tonight!  My mom offered to take her dog and Bromely to the groomers tomorrow for 8am appointments so she is going to take him overnight :)  I’ll miss his little furry butt, but it will be nice to not be woken up early tomorrow.


Also bonus that it’s a long weekend AND our 2nd anniversary weekend!  Well it’s technically on Tuesday (the 6th!), but since we were married on Labor Day weekend, it’s an anniversary weekend.  Man looking at that old post made want cake!  Hmmm I’m thinking we need an anniversary cake???

Unfortunately we don’t have anything big planned…I wish we were heading to Nantucket like last year!  But rehearsals are in the way.

Right now I’m hanging in Boston after work, waiting for Brian to come meet me as we’re heading over to the Mass Brewers Fest!  Over 80 beers from over 20 Massachusetts breweries!  I saw the list and am very excited to try all the Pumpkin and Fall themed beers

IMG_0562 IMG_0862











It was a gorgeous walk over to the Seaport area

photo (7)

It’s crisp, sunny, and low 70’s.  Perfect.

Even chilly enough this morning for a delicious Thinking Cup cappuccino!  My goal this fall/winter is to learn how to make the foamed milk look like that!

photo (5)  
Other favorites this week:

Best lunch goes to the falafel salad from Sultan’s Kitchen:

photo (6)

The falafels are actually shaped like little tubes, and honestly the falafel themselves aren’t my favorite.  However, with this meal comes a BOATLOAD of hummus and tabbouleh over mixed greens.  Their hummus is one of the best I’ve ever had! 

Favorite outfit:

photo (4)

I normally don’t take my outfit pictures before work, so I’m still rocking some puffy morning eyes…my bad.

  • Light pink dress: Zara
  • Navy Blazer: Banana Republic Outlet
  • Navy belt: my grandmother’s
  • Nude peep toe pumps: Rampage

I’ve definitely been enjoying getting dressed up for work!  My office doesn’t by any means have a strict dress code, but maybe it’s the fact that I’m in Boston everyday makes me want to look a little nicer :)  Plus now I have more blog-worthy outfits to share!

Today’s isn’t my favorite, but I’ve realized that I’ve worn Navy like 4 times this week!  Apparently Navy is the new Black for me haha!

Casual Friday

photo (3)

  • Navy lace top: Forever 21
  • Navy tank underneath: Old Navy
  • Grey skinny jeans: Gap
  • Same nude pumps!
  • Pearls :)

And in case you missed my tweet Wednesday, here’s me and Andrew Ference from the Boston Bruins!

photo (8)

Yeah he’s easy on the eyes ;)

Well I think that concludes this quick Friday wrap up!  I’m just waiting for Brian to get here so we can start tasting some delicious beers!

Have anything fun planned this long weekend???


  1. Happy almost anniversary! Hope you guys enjoy all of your time together!! The beer festival sounds awesome. And as always-love the fav outfit-so classy!

  2. cute outfits! have a fun weekend.

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  4. Happy Anniversary! So jealous you met Ference -- he's definitely easy on the eyes. :) Love your first outfit with the blazer.

  5. The liquor store near our house has a HUGE section of different pumpkin beers!