Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dancing, Dough, and Doggies

It wasn’t until this afternoon that I really sat down at the computer for any length of time since Thursday night!  It was actually pretty nice.  My weekend was a mix of super busy + down time. 

For one, it was my dance show!  I know I’ve mentioned it before but since February I’ve been rehearsing with a contemporary dance company in NH, directed by a friend of mine.

We had our shows Friday and Sat night… 

A little backstage action.  One of the girls was an expert hair teaser so she did all of ours for the final piece.

some of the girls stretching before the show!

The opening…

Yes, I am wearing bubble wrap.  There was a whole big theme to the show, called White Earth, and the first piece (“Resource Depletion”) involved the “plastic” dancers eating away at the “earth”.  I guess you can tell I was a “plastic”

It would make way more sense with the video, the dance was awesome and probably the hardest choreography I’ve ever done.  There was video taken, and as soon as I can get that from someone I’d love to share it!!  Just not sure when that will be :)  It will be a surprise one day haha. 

I took the day off Friday as I had to be at the theater by 12:45pm for a last run through before the show that night.  So I used Friday morning to bake something to bring for the cast.

I wanted something fairly simple yet delicious.  Then I remembered.


Dough balls!!  Those blog-famous little cookie dough-like cookies, that became so popular after the Foodbuzz Festival last year.  I still have never tasted the original, but I did get to try Diana’s at the HLS this year, and they were delicious.

I used Diana’s recipe as my base and made some tweaks.  They came out awesome, but I can’t wait to make them again to finalize “my” version :)

IMG_0918 IMG_0915 IMG_0916
Screw raw eggs…I’m never NOT going to eat the dough…


I also need to get a scooper, not that I needed it but I was anally weighing each ball so they were uniform…and ended up with 1.25oz balls pre-baked. 

IMG_0926 These were a freaking HIT!!


Almost everyone wanted the recipe! 

Saturday morning Brian and I were cleaning machines and tackled the house before some of his friends arrived.

They were off to the Belgian Beer Fest.  Beer + Dance = Bad, so I didn’t get to go :(  It’s usually in November so I was extra bummed that this fest AND the Sam Adams Oktoberfest were both the same weekend on a weekend that I couldn’t go!! 

But I did have a relaxing afternoon in a clean house, until it was time to get ready for show #2

Today was a time to unwind.  We ended up spending most of the morning watching the 9-11 tributes on TV…I was definitely getting choked up multiple times.  Feels like just yesterday…

But it was a gorgeous day out so we made the most of it :)

Family trip to the dog park!


We tried to get him to step into the water but no such luck…


He did, however, find a pug named Maggie and a bulldog named MJ to play with!

That bulldog was hilarious!  He was like a little meatball :)

Ok so what really happened was Maggie, the pug, was running around with Bromley for a while before MJ came over.  Then Brom decided to relax and just watch them go at it haha!


Later on the walk back Brom thought he could chase a vizsla that was running by…right.  He’s cute and fluffy but not exactly the fastest dog in the pack.  It was pretty funny, the vizsla would just run circles around him, then he gave up and needed a water break

IMG_1700   so.thirsty.



and so tired on the way home…


Our nice little Sunday ended with a big pot of chili, foot ball, and now I’m thinking it’s almost bed time.


The chili was my go-to recipe with ground turkey…oh and I added some shredded zucchini too.  STILL working through the zucchini!


Weekends like this remind me why I love September so much!!  Yet, my Fall isn’t real until we go apple picking…oh yes.

What’s you’re favorite part of fall??


  1. Ah! You look fab! Cant wait for the video. Ive made those dough balls-sooooo good! Arent bulldogs funny? I love the dog park!

  2. I had a fantastic dinner last night with one of my childhood pals and we sipped wine out on her porch with the crisp fall air. It was perfect!

  3. I can't wait to see the dance video!!!

  4. I'm looking forward to the video! Also, the cookies look amazing. I've never actually made dough balls, despite reading about them everywhere. I usually make standard chocolate chip cookies, but I may have to cave and mix up my usual recipe. If you still have lots zucchini, I just posted a ton of zucchini recipes because I've been totally overwhelmed by the stuff :)

  5. Okay, now after seeing dough balls EVERYWHERE, I'm wanting some too. And I also made chili this weekend. I have a go-to recipe that I switch up with whatever veggies I have on hand, though I always keep the spice combo the same - cocoa powder, basil, oregano, cinnamon, cumin and black pepper. I also add in some brown sugar, dijon mustard, and my secret ingredient...bacon. I love how the bacon adds so much richness.

    This weekend I made it with some ground bison, corn, & butternut squash. Soooo yummy!

  6. of course every one wanted the dough balls recipe :) fan freakin tastic. and can't wait to see the show, you make plastic look hot! hehe. bromley's such a cutie!

  7. I can't wait to see the video! I miss being in shows, and making treats for my cast mates :)

  8. Can't wait to see the video. I love all the pumpkin, apple and cinnamon flavors of Fall.

  9. I love the cooler weather... the apples, pumpkins, chilis, and stews. Everything about fall is just perfect to me. It's definitely my favorite time of year.

  10. You look HOT in those pics, girlie!!
    I want those cookie balls stat. I've made Mama Pea's vegan version and loved them. Must try these ones... I bet they're even closer to the original (which yes, I loved just like everyone else).
    PS - raw eggs shmaw eggs. I definitely eat cookie dough. Fearlessly! ;)