Thursday, September 8, 2011

VIBE – Personal Training and Nutrition

Picture yourself at peace with the way you feel, inside and out.

Tap into what motivates you and use that as your source of fuel.

Know the strength of the power inside of you.

Put your thoughts into action - transform your body and light up your life!

These are the core values at VIBE, a new personal training studio for women in Wakefield, MA.


This is my friend’s studio!!!

My friend from college, Lauren, and her friend Jenna are both personal trainers and decided to follow their career dreams, leave their jobs at other gyms, and open their own training studio!

(I want those chairs)

Don’t let the feminine decor fool you, this little blonde kicked my butt!!



They use a functional training style with their clients in order to maximize your time and efficiency.  Using multiple muscle groups at one time, and moving from one exercise to another increases your calorie burn all while building lean muscle!

They aren’t kidding.  I did two training sessions with Lauren, and even though we were focusing on strength training (as opposed to cardio) my heart rate was way up there and I was sweating just as much as a run…only with multiple muscles burning!


Each session is 45min long, and even though we were chatting away, I never once slowed down. 

You don’t have to go along though!  Maybe you and your friend want to workout together, or maybe you want to be in a small group.  All are options at Vibe.  They have one-on-one, pair, and group training (4-8 people).   The group sessions are led more in a boot camp style so everyone is getting their maximum workout! 

IMG_0543 (I heart ballet bars)

A group of our college friends are actually trying to schedule a group session!  I can’t wait :)

In addition to training, they also offer nutritional evaluations and guidance.  Lauren studied nutrition in college, and I know for a fact she has an arsenal of amazing recipes!  It was funny, when she sent me her big word document full of recipes I kind of laughed to myself because they reminded me of many of the popular healthy blogger recipes out there!! 


They also offer many nutritional services to help you eat healthy everyday at home!  They will meet you at the grocery store and teach you how to navigate each department, read food labels, and compare brands.  Take that one step further and they can even develop a list, purchase, and deliver your groceries right to your door and even provide guidance, recipes, and ideas on how to put it all together.  Finally, they can also teach you healthy cooking techniques and how to prep your meals for the week!

I love how they have a very hands-on approach to nutrition.  If you’re just learning how to eat healthy it can be pretty intimidating to think about preparing healthy meals for lunch and dinner during the week.  People think it’s so much more effort that they don’t want to try, but sometimes they just need to be shown exactly what to do :)


I could go on and on, but I just really wanted to get across that they have set up a great business here.  Wakefield is only about 15min north of Boston, and if you need a break from your same old workout routine I’d highly suggest checking this place out!!


Also Lauren is one of THE NICEST people I know!  She’s super sweet, and no she’s not going to yell at you Jillian Michael style, but she’ll cheer you on in a way that you really want to finish that last set!

Full disclosure: I received a free training session from Lauren, but I would have wanted to write about her studio regardless.  Blogging aside, she is a friend and I think she started a great company.


I’ve been meaning to write about VIBE for a while now, but I’m almost glad I waited until today because…  there is a SUPER DEAL on right now!!!

$29 for 4 Training Sessions and a Nutritional Evaluation at VIBE!

That is seriously an awesome deal!  $29 is a small price to pay to try out a new place…who knows you might love it! 



  1. What a cool place!! The workouts sound amazing!!! Wish i lived closer

  2. you place is great... my hubby and I have in mind to go the gym because we already needs some work out because we love to bring back our shape and also to have a good health.

  3. It is great to see you support your friend's company!