Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brunch and Babies

My friend’s babies…sorry to disappoint any of my family reading ;)

I love brunch and breakfast foods.  I also love entertaining friends with delicious food!  However, other than Thanksgiving and our summer BBQ, I really don’t have people over as much as I’d like.

So, I invited some of my good friends over for a brunch! 

If you’re not used to entertaining, I’d say a brunch is a good way to start.  Most dishes are simple to prepare and there are lots of options that you can cook a head of time :)  Breakfast foods also tend to be cheaper too! 

I was even able to fit in a much needed manicure/pedicure…

(that’s Essie’s Glamour Purse)

AND a quick apple picking excursion, the day before the brunch!


It was the last weekend in September and I HAD to go apple picking!  It’s my favorite fall activity EVER.


Unfortunately the usual cool sunny fall weekends of previous year’s apple pickings, was replaced with a hot HUMID post-rain day!


At least the crowds weren’t bad.  But the humid stagnant air + being out amongst nature = mosquito fest 2011. 


Another bad equation to factor in:
Post-pedicure lotioned legs + mosquitoes = mosquito MAGNET! 

It was bad, I instantly got about 6 bites within 15 min.  So we hurried up.  Brian would fetch the apples and I’d stand with the bag constantly slapping those little bastards off my legs!



I felt much better when we were back in the car with AC, 1/2 bushel of apples, 1/2 dozen HOT cider donuts, 1 caramel apple, and a burger for Brian.  Oh and the extra strength Benadryl cream I was slathering on my calves ;)

Back to Brunch.

The Menu:

Mimosa’s (brought by a guest)
Other juices (guest)
Coffee and Espresso drinks (me)

Pumpkin bread and banana bread (guest)
Mini lemon poppy seed muffins (guest)

Baked blueberry French toast (me)
Egg Bake with wild mushrooms, shallots, thyme, goat cheese, and gruyere (me)
Tomato Basil frittata (me)
Roasted red and sweet potatoes with onion and rosemary (me)

Have guests bring drinks and apps.  In this case, I had some friends bring muffins/quick breads that people could snack on while they waited.


French toast casseroles like this usually have to be made a day in advance anyways so they can sit and absorb the liquid.  These are always a crowd pleaser

Serve with maple syrup on the side.

Egg bakes/baked frittatas or quiches can also be baked ahead of time and just warmed up before serving.

I baked this on earlier in the morning.


  Unfortunately potatoes can’t be cut too far ahead of time, so leave this until the morning of.


I bought some flowers, and my friend also brought a beautiful arrangement.

I also love using big bowls/vessels of seasonal fruits for decor (apple picking apples!)


I’ll be back with recipes.  In the meantime here are some of my friend’s adorable babies!

I couldn’t believe there were FOUR little ones at my house today!  Exciting and scary at the same time :)




First date:



So cute :)    

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  Once again, SO not ready to go back to work tomorrow…*sigh*

Speaking of brunch:  What’s you're favorite brunch food to either eat or make!?


  1. Applrs!!!! Nothing like fresh picked goodness! Brunch is my favorite meal and i likr the idea of doing it pot luck style. Cute kiddos

  2. the little ones are precious. what a great brunch!

  3. I need to go apple picking... I am trying to hold off for the cooler weather though. Love brunch... I don't think I could pick one favorite thing to make, definitely coffee cakes and muffins and quiche though.

  4. So much good stuff in this post...
    1) My parents/grandmas would get way too excited at the title of this post ;)
    2) I like entertaining but for some crazy am actually scared of brunch. Maybe because I'm not a morning person and I definitely wouldn't want to do omelets, etc but I guess I wouldn't have to (not sure why I thought it was a must). Your menu looks amazing! I'm saving it :)
    3) Your nailpolish rocks
    4) I need to go apple picking.
    K, I'm done. See you tonight!! :D

  5. Nice to meet you last night! I love apple picking too but haven't gone yet this season. And fresh apple cider doughnuts are the best =). I enjoy hosting brunches as well because so many things can be made ahead of time or prepped the night before.

  6. love brunch for entertaining (and eating!) :) horray for apples and cider donuts!! boo to mosquitos. nice to see you the other night, hopefully we can do it again soon!