Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Flash Mob Video & Shoes

It’s one of those weeks.  For some reason I just don’t have much of anything exciting to write about and share on the blog! 

Lame, I know.

I’ve been working a little late both nights this week and the next 2 days I have post-work activities.  Meals have been leftover chili, sandwiches, or Trader Joe specialties…like tonight.


TJ’s Creamy Polenta and some roasted Brussel sprouts!

Easy and delish.


Especially when Brian preps and gets the brussels in the oven before I get home :)


Not too exciting, but super easy :)  

I did, however, remember that I hadn’t posted the video from the Bruins Flash Mob I was a part of last weekend on Labor Day!!

This was the one for Andrew Ference’s Day with the Stanley Cup in the North End. 

In the beginning, from your view I am in the 2nd row (the row facing the camera) and on the far left!

Once the big group joins in I am in the front row towards the center so I’m not always in the shot as the camera moved back and forth.  This is just one of the videos I found on You Tube! 


Fun right?!

Much different than the dancing I did this past weekend, but it’s fun to just be able to dance sometimes!

And just to add another completely unrelated topic to this post, lets talk shoes!

I tweeted this morning that even though I was excited for Fall, I was going to be bummed when flip-flop season is over!! 

I mean, I’ll wear them until I just can’t take the cold anymore (or it snows), but right now my Rainbow’s are THE most comfortable shoes I own and it’s sad to put them away.

Rainbow Double Layer Thong Sandal(source)

The other reason is commuting!!  I walk a lot now, to the train, from the train, to the office, the bus, at lunch…a LOT more walking these days.  Even my “comfy” flats will give me blisters if I walk for too long in them, and I’m sorry I just can’t rock the sneakers with dress clothes…


The other issue I encounter is “fake comfortable”.  You know, you try them on at the store, walk around and think ‘wow these are comfortable!’  Then you wear them out one day and are in dire need of Band-Aids…


I bought those at the Nordstrom Rack tweet up last week!  They are Vera Wang Lavender Label flats, and were seemingly very comfy at the store :)  I’m sure I just need to break them in…although that’s another thing I hate.  I wish I had a machine in the shape of my feet to break in shoes for me!!

So in conclusion, I have no answers.  I am on the hunt for cute comfortable commuting shoes!!  Ones that have some sort of support AND wont rub off the back of my heels!  Anyone??

If anyone knows where these magical shoes are please tell me!  I promise to share if I find them :)


  1. The flash mob looks like so much fun!!

  2. oh my gosh! That is SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Love! I want to participate :) And that TJs product? That is a must try. Adding it to my shopping list. I used to just wear flats when I commuted into the city. I think it just takes some searching to find a really good, comfy pair! You could always wear TOMS?

  3. I've been eating a lot of similar easy but satisfying meals as I've been working early and late all week long. I love the shoes you bought, even if they're not super comfy. I got a pair of Coach tall black boots at the Nordstrom Rack tweetup and can't wait to break them in! Also, have you tried Puma's not-quite-sneakers sort of stylish shoes? They are pretty comfy. I also adore my Tory Burch flats - so comfortable!

  4. Yeah, snickers with a dress is atrocious. Fashion police needs to arrest those people. lol
    I do the Havainas fliplop thing. It's the only thing that really works for me for pro-longer periods of time. You're right - ballet flats (or even fancier flip flops) look comfortable but they definitely start rubbing in all the wrong places pretty fast. Sometimes I do even better with slim platform shoes than the flats!

  5. Hahha, that picture of the sneakers is awful :P

  6. That dance was AWESOME!!! And looked like so much fun!

    Also, sneakers with a dress are a definite no go. Chris always gets mad that I never have comfortable shoes, but he doesn't understand the concept of breaking a shoe in. I've never had a pair of shoes that are comfortable the first time I wear them.. Or even the first time of the season!


  7. You should try danskos-not fancy, but as an NP on my feet all day they are the only shoes I can stand to wear at work.