Sunday, August 21, 2011

HLS Part 2: Cocktail Party and Speakers

Unfortunately I’m writing this post from my plane, that is sitting in the runway waiting to take off and will continue to be sitting for about another hour…awesome.

Delays are bad enough without being stuck on the plane during it!

EDIT: We waited in the plane for about 1.5 hours before finally taking off…it’s so amazing to be home.

AND to come home to a super clean house!!  Best husband ever :)

Anyways, lets not let this one bad event ruin my recap of the rest of the Healthy Living Summit

I left off Friday evening just as we were heading out to the cocktail party!


The cocktail party was also at the Reading Terminal Market where Elizabeth and I had had lunch earlier that day!  It was so cool to see it at night after all the shoppers and workers had gone home.

Everyone waiting to be escorted to our area


We were in the center where the tables were and had tables of food as well as passed hors d’ourves. 


IMG_0691There were veggies, cheeses, different pizzas, fruits, and crackers.  The passed hors d’ourves consisted of beet salad, Philly cheese steak empanadas, corn and crab fritters, and pretzel crusted chicken!


IMG_0696I tried most of the items and everything was delicious.  I also had a local beer: Walt Wit White Ale from Philadelphia Brewing Co.  Really liked this beer.

It was fun catching up with some bloggers I haven’t seen in a while and also meet some new faces!

(roomie picture!)

Elizabeth and I didn’t stay out too late that night, however, we had made plans with some people to do a 5ish mile run at 6am the next morning!

It really hit me when we had to wake up when it was still dark out!!  NOT fun…but once we were running we felt way better.  It was perfect running weather, cool and not sunny.

At one point, Elizabeth, Ali and I branched off because our mission that morning was NOT just a run…it was to see the Rocky steps!

Ali and I running up!


Then obligatory posed photos with Rocky himself



That was a blast!

None of our Garmin’s were really working that great, but we estimated that we did around 5.5 miles!  Nice!!

Once we returned, iced coffeed (yes I just turned that into a verb), showered, and changed…it was breakfast time.


Fresh fruit


Cereal, provided by Quaker and Attune.  Yogurt and milk.



  Love this…but might change it to “Breakfast is my other happy hour”

IMG_0702Then it was time for the sessions to begin.

The first one I went to was Budgeting for a Healthy Lifestyle presented by Lauren.  


I thought she was a great presenter.  She seemed very comfortable with public speaking and spoke clearly and with ease.  I really enjoyed it.

Although there wasn’t really any new or groundbreaking ideas on how to save money while eating healthy (and she said that as well)…it was really helpful to just hear all the information again.  Sometimes you just need to be reminded of how to budget, meal plan, use coupons, and other methods. 

I know I need to work on my meal planning skills.  I think that one thing would really help us cut down on the food, specifically produce, that we pick out and then end up throwing out because it never made it into our lunches or dinners.  I hate throwing out food, but it happens.

Also this picture in her slideshow was classic and hilarious


Hard to see but the woman is standing there smiling happily with her big bag of groceries, and the husband is looking at the receipt with an expression of “flipping out” haha! 

During the break we had after this session, Elizabeth, Ali, and I snuck out for a few.  First stop was City Sports for Philadelphia t-shirts, and then I wanted to checkout the Rittenhouse Sq Farmers Market per suggestion from Sabrina



Beautiful day, and wish I could of actually bought more at the Market.  I did buy 1 apple for a snack.

There was one other session before lunch, but I’ll get to that next post.  I’ll wrap up with lunch!


Salad, quinoa and chickpea salad, and 4 different vegetarian sandwich options with bread provided by Great Harvest!!

I love GH bread, but it sounded like a lot of people had never had it before.  It sounded like everyone was going nuts over this fresh bread. 

I chose a roasted veggie sandwich and a caprese sandwich.    

Not surprisingly this post is already too long…and it’s bed time! 

Really wish I had one more day off to relax before work, but it was a great weekend. 

Big shout out to Meghann for organizing the whole thing…amazing job girl!!


  1. adorable pic of you and the roomie! I have never had GH bread, clearly that needs to change.

  2. Love your cocktail party outfit. Very cute.

  3. Waiting on the plane is the worst! I ended up being delayed by 4 hours, but I was lucky enough to do the waiting in the terminal with drinking buddies. :)

  4. Thanks for being such a great roommate and partner in crime. :) Glad you finally made it back to MA-- isn't coming home to a clean house the greatest?!

  5. Cute pictures... looks like a fun time!

  6. I think I need you to dress me. You always look adorable! Awesome job running up the Rocky steps!