Saturday, September 4, 2010

This Time Last Year

Let’s see…Saturday night, Labor Day weekend, 2009.  I was at my mom’s house.  We just got home from a delicious and exciting dinner at Stellina in Watertown.  Well I’m sure it was delicious, however I had practically no appetite as my nerves were getting the better of me.  It was the rehearsal dinner for Brian and my wedding!!

The recap of this exact day is here…it involved, manicures/pedicures, Choco-Tacos, friends, and family.

This year was a little different (although Jocy and I did get manicures/pedicures last night).

This year my morning involved…Kodiak Cakes!


I know I’ve said this before, but I’ve never been a pancake “mix” person because they are so easy to make from scratch.  But man these are SO good, and you really can’t go wrong with equal parts mix and water.


I always have my usual: chocolate chips melted on top + real maple syrup, but on one of my little cakes I spread Justin’s Maple Almond Butter for a little more staying power.




With this I ate half of a grape fruit.

Love weekend breakfasts.

Last year, Jocy (my maid of honor in case you forgot) and I drove around to multiple stores so I could find a cute carry-on bag for the honeymoon and then flagged down the ice cream man to indulge in a Choco-Taco while I still had an appetite.

This year Brian and I ran errands and went to Sel De La Terre in Natick for lunch with my mom.  I always have a good meal here.

Baked aged goat cheese with arugula salad, red onions and pine nuts with added chicken.


Mmmmm goat cheese!


For dessert:

Wedding Cake topper!!


Last year


This year :)


The verdict…STILL GOOD!


I think the fondant actually acted as another protective layer.  This was the lemon cake with raspberry filling.  My cakes also included a carrot cake as well as chocolate.  I like options.

And now as we wind down this Saturday night, I’m home with my husband and while I’m still getting up early tomorrow…it’s not to get ready for my wedding day, it’s to head to Nantucket!!  Mini anniversary trip :)

Not gonna lie though, I think I may have to try on my wedding dress at some point ;)

Stay Tuned for a wedding re-cap on our Anniversary…the 6th!


  1. yum! your dinner looks amazing and of course, pancakes are always a winner especially when spread with some delicious almond butter (: beautiful pics you look so happy!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! You giys look happy, and the cake looks awesome. We tried to keep our cake frozen for a year after the wedding, but cheated and ate it a month after we were married. It was too good!

  3. I can't believe it's been a year already! Congrats + I wish you many more anniversaries. :D

  4. Hey wedding date twin- I just posted mine and we are in full cake eating mode as well. Cake for breakfast, right?

    Happy Anniversary :)