Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6, 2009

Wedding Day.

My morning last year involved a solo trip to Starbucks to get fueled for the big day (mom doesn't drink coffee, so none was in the house). 

I was wearing my dad’s old sweatpants and fleece because it was a chilly September morning and I didn’t bring any warm clothes!!  After I got my coffee (probably a cappuccino), I headed to the grave yard to visit my dad…something I needed to do on my wedding day :)

Later that day my bridesmaids showed up and we all had our hair and make-up done.  It was the start to a perfect day :)

I really just want to get to the pictures though…these are all from my photographer, Amanda Ambrose.

151436_0001 153059_0001

of course I needed a picture with Willow!


My bridesmaids wore various styles of dresses from Aria, in 3 shades of pink.

154506_0001 154602_0002 154646_0001 155018_0001

Mom and I:

155124_0001 162014_0001

We stopped at the Lyman Estate (our reception site) for a few photos before the ceremony 162940_0001 163225_0001 163506_0001

Hot Pink wedding shoes…yes.


 171809_0001 171850_0001 172211_0001 172517_0001

Beautiful St. Catherine’s in Somerville

172735_0001 174632_0001 174837_0001 175212_0002


183013_0001 183521_0001

dad :)

184416_0001 185014_0001

Brian got his guys German beer steins…who know they’d all bring them to the ceremony to use all night!!

185211_0001 185229_0001 190013_0001  



195825_0001 195840_0001

I was laughing to tears during Jocy’s speech!



The candy buffet was our favor…I think my younger cousins were VERY happy :)

213716_0001 214039_0001 215131_0001 221933_0001 223438_0001

The UNH crew!! 224859_0002 225022_0001 230020_0001 232002_0001    

Hope you enjoyed reliving the best day of my life with me :)  I wish I could do it all over again the exact same way…it was perfect.

Here’s to many more amazing years with my husband…Love you Brian!


  1. Your wedding looked so beautiful and you looked gorgeous!! Gosh, I love wedding photos. Congratulations on the anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary to you! You share the day with a few fabulous couples in my family too. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos - 3 years later for me and I am still not tired of looking at wedding stuff :) I know what you mean about wishing you could do it all over again too!

  3. Just gorgeous! Such a pretty lady you are!! I went to starbucks first thing on my wedding morning too :) A great way to start the day. Love your dress, your shoes, the food- just amazing! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Looks like an awesome wedding. My Dad passed away when I was young so I love the photo you included of him in your locket. Such a beautiful way to remember him.

  5. Great pictures, what an amazing wedding. Happy anniversary.

  6. Everything is so stunning and classy! Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I definitely did pink along with black and taupes- very similar but how can you not love pink?

    You were a stunning bride, girl. Enjoy!

  7. Yay, gorgeous pictures! I would do my wedding all over again the exact same way too. :)

  8. Beautiful pictures, Bridget! Happy Anniversary, and here's to many, many more. :)

    P.S. Loooove the shoes.

  9. Awww I didn't know you got married 9/6/09! So did my sister :) Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!! Happy anniversary! :)


  10. What gorgeous pictures! Happy anniversary!!

  11. loved these photos!!! happy anniversary to you two :)