Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nantucket: Part 1

As I am uploading my pictures I am realizing that I definitely need more than 1 post to get it all covered.

Brian and I went to Nantucket on Labor day weekend (Sunday – Tuesday) to celebrate our first wedding anniversary!


Luckily “hurricane” Earl turned out to be a rain shower accompanied by a gust of wind so that had no effect on us aside from wiping out the hot humid weather…thanks Earl!

The weather was absolutely PERFECT!  Sunny, high 70’s, and a nice ocean breeze.  I used to visit Nantucket more often when I was younger, but haven’t been in about 14 years!!! CRAZY!  How is an island that’s a 1.5 hour drive + 1 hour fast ferry away that difficult to get to in 14 years!?

Who knows, but I can say with fact that it will NOT take that long for me to re-visit…I’d go tomorrow if there wasn’t a pesky thing called work in the way.

We took the Fast Ferry over from Hyannis, MA…the ship was called the Grey Lady.  Nantucket is sometimes referred to as “the little grey lady” because of all the shingled houses and fog that sometimes surrounds the island.


We stayed at the Brant Point Inn, one of the many Inn’s and B&B’s on the island.  This one was very cute, clean, comfortable…and most importantly, affordable!  There is quite the range of prices among lodging options here.IMG_4418  IMG_4419 IMG_4426

First thing we did…eat, obviously.  I couldn’t help but want to visit one of the delicious sandwich shops I remember from back in the day…Provisions!

IMG_4427 IMG_4428

We took our sandwiches over to a nice looking bench…pretty nice view huh?


Chickpeas, hummus, feta, cucumbers, red onion, spinach, dill, cilantro…I think that was it.  All on a lavash wrap…soooooo good!


Brian had a muffaletta!  Like a delicious Italian sub on ciabatta.  They make all their own breads. 


After our fuel, we strolled around downtown

IMG_4438 IMG_4439 IMG_4443 IMG_4445 IMG_4449

Later that night we crawled up onto the widow’s walk at our Inn!  So cool!!  I’ve actually never been on a widow’s walk before…kind of want one at home now ;)


Met this guy the next morning…lots of dogs on Nantucket

IMG_4590 IMG_4606

Oh the Juice Bar!  My cousin used to work here!  They do have juice, but their ICE CREAM is what brings in the customers!!!


Brian and I split a waffle bowl with ‘brownie a la mode’ and strawberry



Oh and then there were the bikes.  Nantucket is very bike friendly and since we had no car with us I really wanted to rent bikes! 

Now I can’t even tell you the last time I rode a bike…like definitely over 15 years!  So to say I was nervous was an understatement.


Finally I felt more secure on that thing and was ready to ride…thank god too because we rode to breakfast the next morning to have these bad boys…

The Downyflake…and their famous donuts.  I vividly remember these from my childhood and new Brian would love them.


Then more biking commenced…

IMG_4669 IMG_4673

Riding was so fun, but I still don’t understand how people do it in the city!  I mean driver on Nantucket are very aware and courteous of bike riders…there are so many.  Not so much in Boston.  I’d love to bike on the bike trails around here but I don’t see myself riding often enough to buy one.


Lilly Pulitzer Jeep!!

IMG_4723 IMG_4724 IMG_4726

Fudge I remember from my childhood! 

Peace Out Nantucket…til next time :)

IMG_4727 IMG_4735

Still to come…  Two amazing dinners and fun times at Cisco Brewery!!  Both worthy of their own posts :)


  1. What a great trip! I love all the photos and was definitely scared to get my bike at 24 years old after not riding at least 10 years! It is so much fun when you get into it!

  2. Nantucket is totally gorgeous- what a great place to go to celebrate your anniversary! The Chickpea wrap looks incredible and an end of the summer trip definitely calls for some delicious ice cream. Can't wait to see more

  3. Great pictures, everything looks so beautiful.

  4. looks gorgeous! i was just down in hyannis for a tri on saturday and wish i could spend more time on the cape. happy anniversary again :)

    ps- the only time i ride my bike in the city is to get out of it, and i stick to early weekend mornings!

  5. Love the Lily Pulitzer jeep! This looks like a lovely and relaxing getaway.
    It was so fun to see you yesterday. I hope the rest of your weekend was great!