Sunday, April 5, 2009

2009 Wedding #2; Part 2 - WEDDING DAY

Yesterday was SO MUCH FUN!! And right now I am SO SO TIRED haha!

It all started at the salon where we all got our hair did...

Before: (I am on the far right...the process of straightening naturally curly hair is never pretty, and the joke of it is I then had her put some wavy curl back into it!!)

And After!! Yay for glamour hair...for a while I liked to pretend I had Blake Lively know, but a lot dark...and yeah, well a girl can dream ;)

Later back at the bride's Dad's house, we finished getting ready with some make-up action and got into our dresses and shoes! The flowers arrived! Nothing says spring better than TULIPS

Clearly we had to wear Brown shoes...can you guess which are mine??Anyone?? If you guessed the second from the right with the big rose on the're right!

Our "latte" colored dresses, which looked REALLY good on everyone!!Obligatory duties: helping bride into shoesThe beautiful bride to be and I!College Roomies!!!More bridesmaids...Now lets get her to the Church on time! (yes that damn David Bowie song was in my head all day!)Look who I found when we got to the Church...He was on photographing duties for the ceremony.

Unknown to us bridesmaids...there was an inpromtu receiving line after the our little dresses. OMG...Freezing!! It was only like 50 degrees and started to if you can see the bridesmaid with the hot pink wrap OVER her head...its me! Hey, rain + my straightened hair = BAD NEWS!!

The reception was at a beautiful country club
Cupcake cake!!mmmm those cupcakes are making me drool even now...they were insanely good!

Salad courseFor my dinner I opted for the fish (can't remember what kind...maybe Haddock?) with a seafood stuffing and Lobster Newburg Sauce!
Candy Buffet!Trying to pretend I am artisticOh and then the cupcakes
OH.MY.GOD. BEST.EVER.!!! The vanilla cupcakes had a lemon filling, the chocolate had a raspberry filling and everything about them were INCREDIBLE!!! I wished I wasn't so full last night I would of had more!!! (maybe that was a blessing in disguise).

It was SUCH a fun night!!This is turning out to be an awesome wedding season so far!!!


  1. What a wonderful ceremony!! Love the "behind the scenes" photos in the beginning, haha - gettin' glammed up!! :-)

    Ooooh, a candy buffet????? DIVINE!!

    Too bad about the rain though - never fun.

  2. Looks like a lovely wedding! I love the BM dresses too, so pretty.

  3. those bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous! they really do look good on everyone........and normally that cannot be said!!

    sounds like a wonderful time!

  4. So fun! You all look fabulous. Love your hair. I think the candy buffet is SUCH a cute idea

  5. What a beautiful wedding! I love the color of the bridemaids dresses, they actually arent' heineous like most! haha

  6. You all look so beautiful! I loe that they had cupcakes!!

  7. I picked the right shoes. Yay!

    What a delicious and beautiful wedding. I love the tulips. :D

  8. What a beautiful wedding!! And you were beautiful as well!! :)

    Candy buffet!! I need to remember that idea. Maybe someday it'll be my turn!!

  9. What a gorgeous wedding!! You look pretty as well :)

  10. i love those bridesmaid dresses! who makes them? i want one just for a dress.

  11. haha, what fun! love those dresses :) and you two look cute ;-)

  12. you look gorgeous! and i TOTALLY guessed your shoes!

  13. This wedding looks great! I love that all the dresses were actually nice- that's a tough thing to find when it comes to bridesmaids dresses!

    I LOVE your shoes!