Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday List Post II

I hope you’re ready for a pretty sporadic post, because that’s all I got!!

Other than my cookie-ventures earlier this week, I haven’t done much blog-worthy cooking/baking this week.   So when I sat down not too long ago to write a post, not much came to mind…sad, I know.

However, luckily I have some photos in the bank that haven’t made it to the blog yet for one reason or another…so here is some randomness for you on a Friday night!

Then I just decided on a list-style post.  I did this a long time ago…similar random Friday post, and you know what?  I like it!

Here goes…

1.  Speaking of those chocolate chip cookies…unfortunately I didn’t win anything, but Brian said he won because I made them :)  Good enough for me!  Not to mention the leftover cookie dough I now have in the freezer!

2.  On Cinco De Mayo I did, in fact, make myself a margarita…while home, alone, on a Thursday afternoon.
I remember it was really nice out and I just wanted a good margarita!  In the end it was just OK…needed a tad more sweetness, but it included:
   - Patron – 1 shot
   - Muddled strawberries
   - fresh lime juice – 1 lime
   - grand Marnier – tiny splash
   - agave nectar – 1 tsp
   - lime club soda – to fill the cup


Refreshing!  But could of used more agave next time.

3. Got a cute new lunch bag from Whole Foods!

Back Camera

4. Took Bromley to a new Day Care!  We use doggie day care once a week, so Brom can get a good day in playing and socializing.  Plus the whole next day he’s wiped out :) 

Back Camera Back Camera

5.  Got my hair did…the usual, about every 12 weeks I get it colored and trimmed :)

This is pre-colored, after I brush out my dry hair….POOF!!!


Color In!


…and leave it to me to not take an “after” photo. 

Don’t fret though, because we are going to a wedding tomorrow and I’ll be sure to get a good picture :)

6. Had a DELICIOUS tuna melt today for lunch, with green juice!


The Key:
BROWN RICE WRAPS FROM TRADER JOES!!!  They are so good!!  However, just be sure to leave them at room temp OR heat in microwave for about 8-10 seconds to make them more bendable.  If they are cold they break easy, but the flavor and texture are awesome!!  


The tuna consisted of:

1 can TJ’s solid white tuna in water
light mayo to taste: 1-2T
1/2 tsp – 1 tsp Dijon mustard
chopped onion
chopped celery
celery salt
cracked black pepper

Melted with American cheese and baby spinach!
Green Juice

  • romaine
  • celery
  • cucumber
  • few sprigs of parsley
  • green apple
  • lemon

SO refreshing!!


Half marathon training is still underway, and tomorrow we have our longest run of the training until actual race day.

Tomorrow is 12 miles!!  So crazy to think just a few months ago the most I had ever run was 6.2 miles and that seemed like a lot to me.  It still does, but now I just know I can go farther :)

Still have to admit, I’ve been majorly slacking on my mid-week runs.  I’m mainly just scared of making my foot worse and then not being able to get my long run in.  But my foot IS doing much better!

One thing I’ve been trying is KT tape!

 Lumos KT Athletic Tape

Obviously I got the pink.  I’ve been taping my foot for help with plantar fasciitis, and while the tape does NOT last as long as it says it does, I think it’s helping. 

There are instructional videos on their website, and instructions in the box of how to apply it for a particular area/injury. 

Another big help for me through all this is switching up my running spots!

Last weekend for my 11-miler, I went into Boston…it was great to have the change of scenery, plus just a lot to look at.

Back Camera
I even ran over to Charlestown and back!

Tomorrow we are running our 12 miles in Portsmouth, NH!  The wedding we are going to is in York, ME so we are taking advantage of being up there :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!!  So what are some of your favorite running routes?? 


  1. I bet Bromley loves his day of doggie daycare! Frank always over exerts himself with that many dogs around, so we can't put him in daycare haha. Congrats on the awesome runs! You have really accomplished so much. So jealous of your run in Portsmouth- totally gorgeous there. The downtown is so darn cute. Enjoy the wedding!

  2. I agree that just having the cookies/cookie dough is winning :) I was in Maine yesterday! Portland though. But York is beautiful. Have fun! Looking forward to the recap

  3. I had to re-write my late Friday post because of Blogger so I'm a little discouraged from blogging this weekend.