Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dancing on the Sidewalk

Yes, you read that right!

Today I was part of a Flash Mob!  We performed right in front of the Beehive restaurant in the South End…and it was SO MUCH FUN!!


I found out about it through a Facebook fan page, and then there were some set rehearsals, here and there since the winter, and today it came to life!

It was a pretty random thing to do.  I didn’t know anyone else doing it, and just decided to go to the rehearsals to see what it was about.


I’ve danced my whole life, and I was kind of expecting to see more “dancers” at these rehearsals, but surprisingly it was mostly people with little or no dance experience who just wanted to be in the Flash mob!


It all started at noon today, and since I had to head straight up to NH for another dance rehearsal, I decided to plan a brunch with my bff and my mom before the performance!

We met at Stella, also in the South End.

I opted for the Eggs Benedict…shocking, I know.

Stella Eggs Benedict / English muffin / Prosciutto Cotto / Spicy Hollandaise / Home Fries .


I ordered it with scrambled egg whites, and in turn they put the hollandaise on the side.


It was good!  Not amazing, but good.

However, my mom’s dish and my friend’s were REALLY good!!

Mom got a Duck Confit hash!  I can’t find the official description, but she had it was 2 poached eggs on top.


Jocy got:

Frittata / Chorizo / Sweet Corn / Herbed Ricotta / Home Fries


This was SO flavorful with the chorizo, I really liked this!! 

I kind of had food envy since I liked theirs better, but my nerves were kicking in from my impending public performance so I wasn’t all that hungry.

Stella on Urbanspoon

Then…it was time.

I had my mom record it on my phone.

Things to note:

  • My mom recorded it…therefore it’s very “Bridget” focused haha…typical stage mom ;)
  • The very beginning it cut off…it started with a little duet by the 2 people that organized it
  • If you want to see LOTS more videos of the whole thing…check out the Facebook page!!
  • Um, my pants felt like they were falling down a little…not used to dancing in jeans haha!  So you may see some adjustments
  • It was a little cramped…
  • Ok, I’ll stop giving excuses…just me being critical of me!

Ok, here’s another one I stole off YouTube…better view of the whole thing.


Another fun note!  Camera men from Channel 7, 4, FOX, and NECN were there and I was front and center in the clip on Channel 7’s news this evening!!  So cool!!!

Can’t wait for the next one!!



  1. Ok, you're kind of my hero right now. This is so cool!!! I am super jealous and really want to do a flash mob right now. I danced a little in high school and college and I miss it. You looked great!

  2. How fun. You did an amazing job. Congratulations!

  3. I am squealing right now in excitement. SO cool!

  4. What a cool experience!! Looks so fun!

  5. oh my gosh! What an experience! You did fabulousssss! And glad breakfast was pretty good too ;)

  6. how awesome :) love the video mom!!

  7. B you are so so so so so cute! I love that you participated in this and you can tell that you have a dance background and a bunch of others don't :)

    Looks like it was such a blast for everyone!!!!

    Oh and your mom is too cute- love how she focused on you the whole time!

  8. I watched the video on youtube last night! Awesome job... this was so cool!

  9. This is so cool! The videos are taking forever to load right now but the photos look awesome! What a fun thing to do, wish I had been on the street to see this!

  10. That is awesome! I am going to watch the videos tonight when I get home from work. Something like this would be so out of my element, but it sounds so fun!

  11. This is absolutely AWESOME!!! I love that flash mobs are such a big fad right now and it's so cool that you got to participate in one. I'm super impressed!


  12. That looks like such fun!! YOu rocked it!! The camp I'm working at does one for the campers and I'm pretty excited for that too!

  13. omg how fun/funny!!! i must watch this video at home with sound. I LOVE Stella. one of my top 5 fave boston restaurants! never been for brunch...i must go now.