Sunday, May 15, 2011

Running & Wedding in ME/NH

Finally home relaxing on a Sunday night.

It was another crazy weekend, but we had a great time up in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and Maine, and saw a lot of college friends!!


We also had a 12-mile run on the schedule, so we decided to go up early Saturday morning so we could run around the Portsmouth area…one of my favorite places ever!

We fueled up en route, with a trip to Bagel World!

Brian had an egg bagel with tomato, egg, and cheese.  I stole a few bites :)


I always have nut butter + carbs as a pre-run meal, so I packed a little container of PB with me, and ordered one of their Energy Bar bagels which is chock full of nuts and dried fruit!

IMG_8949 - Copy

And an iced Snicker doodle coffee of course…


12 miles were a SUCCESS!!  AND my 12-miles were faster than my 11 miles last weekend! 

We did 12-miles in 2:06:33!  Averaging a 10:33 pace.  Last week my 11-miles were done in 2:00:38, but I was also running solo.  Running with Brian definitely makes me go a little faster :)

I had one goal after running…Lobster Rolls.  If you don’t know Portsmouth, NH, it’s just a quick hop over the bridge from Kittery, ME…and from there, other great Maine coastal towns. 

The first place I set out to find wasn’t open for the season yet (we missed that by 3 days), so we continued and eventually ended up at the Lobster Shack in Ogunquit, ME. 

It was kind of a chilly cloudy day, so I was also in the mood for chowder.  When we walked in, we started looking at the menu until we were told the special today is a free cup of chowder with a lobster roll….DONE.


It was actually a fish chowder (I was kind of expecting clam) but still it was really good!  Nice big chunks of fish.

Then they came…


I’ve never been a big fan of mayo, but I do enjoy it in “salads” (chicken, tuna, lobster).  I probably could of done with a tad less on this one, but it didn’t overpower the lobster which is the most important part.  This was a classic roll, lobster and mayo only on a nice buttery toasted hot dog roll.  

So simple.  So delicious.  I devoured it, and probably could of eaten another one if it was in front of me :) 

Next, it was time to shower up for the wedding!

Our friends from college got married yesterday at Clay Hill Farm in York ME.   

The ceremony was outside, and luckily the rain held off.  It was a little chilly but not too bad.

The wedding party getting ready…




The venue is a fine dining restaurant so the food was AWESOME.


I got the lobster stuffed haddock….DELICIOUS!  With roasted potatoes and snap peas.  Brian had the chicken picatta which was also REALLY good. 



Homemade blueberry Jam!  Made by the bride :)  Hmmm, breakfast tomorrow??

And no cake…but Blueberry Pie instead!


I’m most definitely a cake person, and pretty picky about my pies…but this one was awesome.

IMG_8992Per usual the rest of the night was filled with dancing, friends, and fun!   

Congratulations to my friends!!


  1. Awesome job on the run!!!! So jealous of your yummy lobster roll, i have to get back to ne for real lobster!! Glad you had fun at the wedding, love the favors

  2. I'm kind of craving lobster after reading this post! Sounds like you had a really fun weekend! Love your dress!

  3. I am in love with this wedding! Portsmouth is one of my favorite towns, so jealous you ran around there. I love that there was pie at the wedding, but I'd definitely be in favor of pie AND cake.

  4. wow what a run!I love the cake and the lobster looks yummy forget the diet lol anyway there is a Free Nutritional Calculator online =)

  5. What a gorgeous wedding! And that lobster roll seriously has me drooling. I could eat one

  6. Aw, you look so pretty at the wedding. Congrats on the great 12-mile run!

  7. sound like so much fun! gotta love returns to the seacoast. you've got me craving a lobster roll!

  8. love your dress! I am doing for some friend clams and a lobster roll- need one soon!

  9. What a fun weekend! Congrats on the run. That blueberry pie looks insanely good!