Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breakfast: The Delicious & The Healthy Tip

First, the Delicious!

We had one more drool worthy meal while up in Maine this past weekend!

While packing up at the hotel the morning after the wedding, a friend let us know that there was a really good breakfast spot only 1 mile down the road from where we were in Ogunquit!

It literally was a 5 minute drive, and I hate to say we almost missed out on this meal when we drove through the downtown area and I spied a bakery :)  What?  I have a thing for stopping at bakeries!

But we continued driving…30 more seconds, and reached our destination:  Bintliffs.

Being the skeptic that I am about restaurants, I quickly looked up the menu online while sitting in the parking lot to make sure it was going to be worth it…oh yes it was!

Just check out this Menu!!

(iphone photos ahead…)

It was a rainy muggy day, and although not particularly warm, I was still craving a refreshing iced coffee.

Bonus that it was served in a wine glass :)

Back Camera

Brian got an OJ.

Making our breakfast decision was pretty hard…there were so many delicious sounding options.  I almost went with a lobster Benedict, but at the last minute I made a better choice…

One of their House Favorites:  Veggie Homefries

Our famous blend of potatoes, seasonings, and seasonal variety of garden vegetables sautéed together with fresh Parmesan served with two eggs, any style. 

Back Camera

I chose an English muffin on the side, and added a side of hollandaise so I could have that Benedict flavor for a few bites. (btw, so glad I didn’t get the Benedict as the hollandaise was just so-so)

This was AWESOME!  I’ve never seen anything like this on a breakfast menu!  The veggies were so fresh and there was such a variety.  Underneath the mound of veggies was a shredded potato cake with nice crispy edges, and the parmesan cheese added great flavor. 

I’d love to make this at home, and think I’d rather mix an egg into the potato for a more potato pancake, instead of eggs on top as the veggies really stole the show.

Because my dish was savory, Brian went with sweet.

Orange Graham French Toast

Thick cuts of homemade bread, orange batter glazed and graham cracker crusted, served with whipped cream and blended maple syrup.  Back Camera

Once again…DELICIOUS!  The thick break was awesome and nice and chewy.  The graham and orange flavors were subtle and didn’t overpower.  I stole many bites :)

My only complaint with this place was the $4 charge for real maple syrup.  REALLY??!  We’re in Maine?!  I know it’s expensive, but c’mon!  And since I can’t stand fake syrup I’ll always pay the extra for the real stuff. 

So happy we took our friend’s recommendation!  If you’re ever in Ogunquit or Portland (their other location) I would most definitely suggest a trip to Bintliffs!  I hear they also have a fabulous Bloody Mary menu which I want to try next time. 

Bintliff's Ogunquit on Urbanspoon

Now for a Healthy Breakfast Tip!  Cereal Medleys.  

I would first like to thank my friend, Jess, for really introducing me to cereal medley’s when we lived together right out of college.  We’d use 3, 4, even 5 different cereals at a time to make a delicious breakfast bowl!

Since then I can’t seem to just have one type of cereal in my bowl.

Trader Joe's Cereal

I’m always mixing them, and the best part about mixing is that you can pair an extra healthy, high fiber, low sugar, (maybe not as tasty) cereal with another more flavorful, maybe higher sugar, cereal…to make a balanced bowl that you’re excited to eat!

Toasted Oatmeal Flakes Cereal

For me, not only is this a healthy method, but sometimes I can’t even stomach a whole bowl of a cereal that’s too sweet…but a little added to a not-so-sweet version makes the perfect blend.

Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax (aside from having the longest name EVER), is one of my favorite mixers!  It’s high in fiber and protein with an extreme crunch that lasts forever in milk, but honestly it’s not my favorite just plain by itself.

It’s actually really good with Trader Joe’s Honey Crunch ‘n Oats!

Yep, Autumn Wheat is another fav…very subtle sweetness!

So go ahead and sprinkle some Frosted Flakes on your fiber sticks :)

What are your favorite “healthy” and “not so healthy” cereals?!  I mentioned my healthy ones above, but growing up I loved Apple Jacks and Lucky Charms…still do.


  1. I'm all about mixing cereals. I gotta have lots of flavor and variety.

  2. owww- that breakfast spot sounds AWESOME! I always love a good breakfast/brunch restaurant. I definitely would have gone for your yummy dish! Favorite healthy cereal? I like Quaker wheat and rice puffs. Unhealthy? I used to LOVE captain crunch- I haven't had it in ages

  3. Love the iced coffee in a wine glass. I'm going to make mine that way now. So cute.
    We always have Kashi in our pantry.
    My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I've been known to eat the whole box in one day so we don't keep it in the house.

  4. That is quite an upcharge for maple syrup! I think the real stuff should be the only stuff served. :) Both of your breakfasts look delicious!

  5. That french toast looks AMAZING!

    My favorite "not so healthy" cereals are cinnamon toast crunch, cocoa puffs and apple cinnamon cheerios.

  6. Your breakfast at Bintliff's looks AWESOME! I also love Autumn Wheat cereal and when I want a good snacking cereal, I can't resist peanut butter puffins!

  7. I totally added Bintliff's to my list of Maine places, but I said the SAME thing when I saw the maple syrup charge. NOT okay.

  8. Breakfast looks so good!!! I would love it if you made a recreation of the veggie homefries, I'd be right on that!!

  9. wow, $4!?! but man, it looks like an amazing breakfast :)

  10. you're making me hungry! bfast is my fave meal of the day...those home fries are calling my name!

  11. Great Tips and amazing pics that looks so yummy breakfast.


  12. What a great brunch! As for my favorite cereal, aside from Cheerios, I love peanut butter Puffins!

  13. I love Ogonguit - what a yummy breakfast you had! I usually eat oatmeal but am making the "summer" transition to yogurt and granola. Thanks for the cereal tips!