Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food and Weather

It was so nice this weekend, and even early this week then today was cold, rainy, and grey…boo.  Even my dinners have been weather-reflective!

Monday…gorgeous, sunny, and warm. 

I went to a sweaty kick-boxing class and came home to the wonderful sight of my husband making dinner!  I knew we’d be grilling because we had defrosted some hamburger.   But there was also asparagus and corn!


ok ever so slightly charred asparagus…still tasted good!


I wasn’t really in the mood for ground beef, but then the hunger grew and I admit it tasted awesome.  He put Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and other seasonings…delish. 

All I had was whole wheat hot dog buns, so I cut the burger in half, added banana peppers, and ketchup!


Summer dinner out on the new furniture :)


It’s like a vacation in my back yard.


What’s a vacation without a little ice cream?  Loving the Neapolitan!

Fast-forward to tonight.  It’s chilly and rainy and I’m tired and have to get up REAL early tomorrow.

Due to lack of options I decided that I wanted breakfast for dinner!  

2 egg scramble with:


  • shallots
  • zucchini
  • tomato
  • 2 cheeses – a little bit of goat cheese for creaminess and 1/2 slice of monetary jack melted on top

1 slice of toast:  1/2 with canola oil butter + jam, and 1/2 with PB


The PB got some added natural fluff…mmmm


Now I must pack!  Off to Portland, Maine for work tomorrow and Friday.  Then Brian is joining me Friday :)  Can’t WAIT for dinner on Friday at my favorite restaurant ever: Fore Street     .

I love Portland…I’m so excited!


  1. The corn looks soooo good! I need to get my husband started on the grilling.

    I'm thinking about making an asparagus dish tonight. It is spicy and cooked on the stove top but so good!

  2. Ah! I am loving that furniture. It is seriously amazing. Grilling is the best. Have a safe trip- Portland is gorgeous (as you know)!

  3. Super cute little bowl. I had kickboxing today. I swear it never get's easier, but I love it.

  4. The bbq meal is like a perfect meal to me. I'm making burgers tonight and now can't wait!

  5. i love your new outdoor furniture. Summers are always great for eating outside

  6. I love your outdoor furniture! Have fun in Maine!

  7. That corn looks fantastic, I can't wait for my first summer cob! Enjoy Portland, I've never been so I can't wait to see pictures :)