Thursday, May 13, 2010

1lb 11oz of Chipotle

Monday night I went to my favorite Kick Boxing class…sweat session as usual.  That night Brian had plans and I had the house to myself.  I decided to stop at Chipotle for dinner!

Only my second time ever at Chipotle and I knew exactly what I wanted.

I opted for the Burrito Bowl with chicken!  As much as I love burritos, I’d just rather eat all the yummy fillings and pass on the 290 calorie burrito wrap. 

  • Cilantro-lime rice
  • black beans
  • chicken
  • salsa
  • green peppers and onions
  • corn salsa
  • lettuce
  • sour cream ( I asked for only a tiny bit)
  • cheese (only a little…well I asked for that anyways)
  • Guacamole on the side!

What I got was 1bl 11oz of deliciousness and lunch for tomorrow…


yeah the request for only a TINY bit of cheese didn’t really go through.


The bowl was HEAVY, I just had to weigh it!


If you can’t read that it says: 1lb 11 1/4 oz!!

I served myself a portion and had the rest for lunch the next day.

On the side I had a few veggie tortilla chips


These chips are AWESOME!


Mmm happy dinner :)  Not the greatest as leftovers…but still a good lunch.

Other news:

  • I made a delicious Banana bread the other night…recipe to come!
  • I got a new phone……SO PUMPED!   Twitter here we come :)


  1. Chipotle is Josh's like favorite restaurant in the world :) I love their black beans and guac- so so good! Hooray for nana bread :)

  2. I am also in looove with those chips! Each color tastes different which makes it that much more enjoyable.

  3. I, too, LOVE those chips...although I must say, I think the Spicy Flax are even better...especially crumbled up into a tortilla soup...

  4. Whoa... that is a heavy salad - and most people eat the whole thing + the huge tortilla!

    Looking forward to reading about the banana bread recipe :).

  5. They just built a Chipotle here this year. Never been! But looks like you enjoyed it :D

    Twitter...ah <3 <3 YAY.

  6. I love kickboxing and totally agree it is a sweat session.

  7. That is a HUGE and FABULOUS plate of food! I couldn't eat it all in one sitting!
    I made some banana bread last weekend, it was super!

  8. I can't justify the calories in those huge tortillas either! Good for you for splitting up the salad into two portions too- I probably would have found a way to justify eating the whole thing for dinner and then felt guilty!

  9. Everyone I know is obsessed with those chips!
    And I've given up on asking them to go light on the cheese at Chipotle (all one time a year I go there). I usually just get it without cheese and add a reasonable amount of my own cheese at home.

  10. I have never weighed a chipotle salad, but I can't believe how much they weigh! Good job on portioning out a serving :)

  11. I love Chipotle... but their portions are so huge. I would like to say that I save half of it, but I always end up eating the whole thing. haha