Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cold Wet Awesome Race

As I was lying in bed this morning listening to the wind howl, and the rain pelt on the window, I was thinking “am I really going to run a race in a few hours?”  It was pretty much raining sideways…and it was cold!

However, I had already talked my friend into not bailing last night, and Brian wasn’t deterred by the rain, so I hopped out of bed and got dressed. 

My usual pre-run breakfast is bread+nut butters of sorts.  This morning I had 1 slice of toast, cut in half.


The left half is Barney Butter + Strawberry Jam

The right is peanut butter + marshmallow cream!

And we were off!

Remember that big green bow-tie…yeah I didn’t really know what to do with it haha.  Thought about this:


But with the heavy rain, I needed a hat. 


When the race began I had the bow over my hat, but shortly after it just ended up around my wrist.

Brian had a festive hat too, but he said he ditched his somewhere along the race route on someone fence post haha


I started out a little faster than normal…I think it was just the general energy of the crowd.  For the awful weather we had, there were still THOUSANDS out to run. 

I didn’t have any sort of watch on me, so I had no idea of time, but felt like I was going a little faster than normal.  I actually went into the race not really worrying about trying to reach my goal of under 30min because I figured the weather would slow me down.

There were many times I wanted to walk, but only stopped for a few seconds at the water station.  I was really struggling to finish, it felt so much harder than normal…but I knew once we reached the bike path it was the final stretch and when I was close enough to see the clock it read 29:53 (!!!!), suddenly I sprinted ahead and crossed just as it was turning from 29:59 to 30!  It’s amazing what your legs can do with a little motivation. 

I was SO excited!  My official my guntime was 30:01, but my net time was 29:10!!!!!!!!! 

(it’s hard to tell in the photo, but I’m soaked to the bone here)

I shaved 1 min 40 sec off my last 5k time! 

So pumped!  No wonder it felt so much harder this time, but I guess if it’s easy you’re not going to make much progress. 

I’m blogging by the roaring fireplace, and foresee and early bedtime…I’m beat!      


  1. Congrats Bridget! You should be so proud of your self. You're inspiring and I'm glad you had such a great experience today, regardless of the rain.


  2. Congrats - awesome job! I ran this race today too (my very first 5K!), and thought it was so funny when all the cups were flying off the table with all the wind - definitely not ideal conditions :)

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! That is so exciting! Congrats girlie!! You look adorable (soaked and all)

  4. Congrats on the race! :)

    We are crazy people for running it!

  5. Congrats on the race! I'm glad you did it, even in the cold!

  6. congrats!!! bummer i didn't see you ;) maybe next time, and with better weather!!! congrats on a new pr :)

  7. Congrats on your PR! I feel like I was the only one who got a little sun on my St. Patties Race, and I live in Seattle..!

    Anyway love your blog, I just started following Yogurt & Berries a couple weeks ago, and you're an inspiration! Take care :)